What is dangerous for a person hookah smoking?

Recently, hookah has become very popular among young people. Meeting with friends in cafes and clubs where you can chat while smoking a hookah has become very fashionable. Some people do not deny themselves this pleasure even sitting at home. What is the secret of such popularity of hookah?

Perhaps the answer to this question lies in the fact that the process of hookah smoking predisposes to relaxation and a leisurely conversation, while creating some special atmosphere in which you want to plunge into your head. No wonder this tradition is rooted in the distant past.

History of origin

Hookah is most often associated with the Middle East, since it was from the Turks and Egyptians that we adopted this hobby. But in fact, his story did not begin in these countries. There are several versions of the origin of the hookah. Some scientists believe that he first appeared in Africa, others are inclined to believe that Asia and even America are his homeland.

Still, most researchers agree that the hookah was first invented in India, and from there it spread throughout the world along trade routes.

The Indian hookah was outwardly very different from our usual vessel, because instead of a glass bulb it used coconut shells from Narcil palm, and as a mixture for smoking, medicinal plants, hashish and spices. The principle of its work was almost the same as in the modern hookah.

Each country to which a hookah from India was once brought contributed to the appearance of this vessel and changed its name. For example, the Egyptians used hollow pumpkin as a bulb.

Also altered hookah and Persians. They began to make a flask of porcelain, and hoses - of snake skin. It was the Arabs who gave this vessel the familiar name ġalīān, which means “boiling”.

But the familiar hookah for us was acquired thanks to the Turks, with whom he enjoyed great popularity. They upgraded it a bit. Turks began to use crystal, silver and Turkish glass as a material for the flask.They also added a mouthpiece that was made from amber or wood.

In Europe, hookah first appeared in the XVIII century, but it gained popularity only after a hundred years.

Today, modern materials such as stainless steel, silicone, polymeric materials, etc. are used to make this vessel.

Hookah device

If you want to learn how to cook a hookah at home, then you should know its structure and principle of operation, since it depends on this whether you can smoke it yourself.

So, the hookah consists of the following details:

  • Flask for liquid. It can be made of different materials, but most often the flasks are made of glass or metal. The advantage of the latter is their shock resistance, but it does not show the level of liquid in the vessel. Therefore, preference is better to give a glass flask.
  • Flexible hose with mouthpiece. It is also called chubuk. There are hookahs with a few pieces. Each mouthpiece should have a check valve (small ball). You also need to pay attention to the length of the hose: the more, the more convenient it will be to use a hookah.
  • Mine. The best material for this part is nickel-plated brass, but stainless steel is also suitable.
  • Saucer.It prevents ash from entering the floor, but there are hookahs in which this part is missing.
  • Bowl for tobacco. It is placed in her smoking mixture. The best option would be a bowl made of ceramic, as it is easy to clean and does not absorb the smells of the contents.

How to cook?

Before you make hookah, you need to make sure that the vessel is clean. If it is dirty, it is necessary to thoroughly wash all its parts in order to eliminate unnecessary odors.

After that, in the flask you need to pour a liquid, in which you can use water, milk, juice, green tea and even alcohol. Only when choosing a liquid should you consider how it will be combined with the smoking mixture.

The best option is water. Juice can distort the taste of the hookah, and milk can weaken it. Connoisseurs of hookah never use alcohol, as it radically changes the process of relaxation into intoxication. The fluid level should be such that the stem is about 4 cm into it.

After that you need to attach to the flask all the remaining parts and check the tightness of their connection.

Then comes the most crucial moment, which actually determines the success of the whole process of smoking a hookah. We are talking about the clogging of tobacco.

Before you score a bowl of tobacco, it must be thoroughly mixed, so that it is covered with syrup and molasses. After that, the tobacco must be thoroughly fluffed and put into the bowl, without pressing it. It should be remembered that the distance between the top layer of tobacco and the bottom layer of the foil should be approximately equal to 2 mm. This will help to eliminate its adhesion.

There are the following types of smoking mixtures for hookah:

  • Tombak - pure tobacco without impurities;
  • Moissil is a blend of tobacco with honey or molasses, to which essential oils and fruit essences are also added;
  • Zhurak - pure tobacco with aromatic oils and pieces of fruit.

After the tobacco is laid, you need to cut a few square pieces of foil, which in size should be 5 cm larger than the diameter of the bowl. 1-3 layers will be enough.

Foil should be put on the bowl and wrap it so that it stretches and becomes smooth. After that, you need to make holes in the foil with a needle, but there should not be too many of them so that the foil will not accidentally break under the weight of the coals.

The next stage is the firing of coals. First you need to take the coal with tongs and set it on fire.Be prepared for the fact that it will sparkle strongly, so it’s best to do it away from other people and highly inflammable objects.

After the coal ceases to sparkle, it can be put on foil, while it should be red or orange.

If there are still black areas on the coal, then you need to blow on them until they disappear. Never ignite coal directly above the bowl, otherwise it can get into the tobacco, changing its taste. Allow a little time for the charcoal to evenly heat the bowl and only then proceed to the process of smoking the hookah.

For those people who do not want to spend time on all this, there is an electronic hookah. It is much more convenient for them to use, but at the same time the charm of the process of smoking a hookah is lost.

Advantages and disadvantages

Disputes over whether the hookah is harmful to health have been going on for a long time. Some consider this process quite safe fun, since the smoke is cleared of harmful substances during passage through the liquid.

While others argue that hookah is even worse than cigarettes. Of course, a single case of hookah smoking will not affect your health, but addiction to it can seriously harm you.

The disadvantages of hookah include:

  • In one hour of smoking hookah, the lungs get 100-200 times more smoke than when smoking a cigarette.
  • The concentration of carbon monoxide in hookah smoke is 40 times higher than in cigarettes. Getting into the lungs of a person can lead to serious health problems.
  • Inhaled smoke contains heavy metal salts and chemicals such as arsenic, lead, and chromium, which can cause cancer, as well as lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases and even infertility.
  • While smoking a hookah, a person takes a stronger breath, which contributes to the fact that the smoke and all harmful substances penetrate deeper into the lungs.
  • There is a high risk of infection with such infections and viruses as herpes, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, etc. through the use of one mouthpiece by several smokers.
  • Hookah can be addictive because, despite water purification, a small amount of nicotine still gets into the lungs.
  • The temperature of the inhaled smoke increases with time, as the liquid in the flask begins to heat up, which can lead to the appearance of a burn of the lungs, due to which the lung tissue becomes less elastic and does not cope well with the function of cleaning the lungs.
  • Smoked room promotes passive smoking.

The advantages of hookah include:

  • Smoke, passing through the liquid in the flask, is 50% purified of phenols and 90% of nicotine.
  • Since tobacco does not burn, but smolders, much less carcinogens are contained in the inhaled smoke.
  • Tobacco, used in hookah, has a more pleasant aroma than tobacco in cigarettes. In addition, it contains fewer harmful chemicals.
  • Hookah can be used as an inhaler, if you change the water to a decoction of herbs, while eliminating tobacco.

As you can see, the hookah has many more minuses than pluses, which confirms its harm to health. However, if you still decide, following the fashion, to visit a hookah room with friends, then you should know about the contraindications.

It is categorically impossible to smoke hookah to hypertensive patients, as it increases blood pressure even more.

In order to somehow reduce the health risks associated with the process of smoking hookah, you need to use only the best tobacco and coal. If you smoke in a large company of people, you must use a disposable mouthpiece.

You also need to remember to wash the hookah after each use. Never combine this process of relaxation with the use of alcoholic beverages, as this may end badly.

Do not be fooled that smoking hookah is safe fun.It is very harmful and can lead to serious consequences. Do not risk your health and the health of your descendants for the sake of wanting to follow the fashion.

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