What is an erection?

If we consider what an erection is from a scientific point of view, this is a complex neurovascular process. In other words, an erection is the hardening of the penis, its increase in volume in a state of sexual arousal in men or the clitoris in women.

There are such causes of erection:

  1. Spontaneous erection - when an erection occurs unconsciously, more often during sleep. It is considered a normal physiological phenomenon that occurs in people of different ages, in addition, it happens even in the fetus during fetal development. A healthy man or woman may experience 5-6 times per night. In adolescents during puberty - much more often. By the way, an erection in men in a dream guarantees that the penis will not be deprived of oxygen, since, rushing blood to it, it provides nourishment for the cells of the penis and thus ensures normal functioning. In the mornings, many men have an erection of the penis, due to an overflow of the bladder, seminal vesicles or rectum.
  2. Reflex erection is the response of the penis to a touch.In case of intentional irritation of the nerve endings of the genital organ, a signal is transmitted to the spinal cord. Nitrogen oxide is released, respectively, the walls of the vessels of the corpus cavernosum in the penis relax. They are filled with blood, which leads to an erection. If a spontaneous erection can occur more often during sleep, then the time of reflex erection during normal sexual health is 24 hours a day with normal testosterone levels in the blood.
  3. Psychogenic erection is the above described reaction of the genital organs, but already to thoughts of a sexual nature or to irritation of the sense organs that are associated with sexual relationships. The limbic system of the brain already plays the role here.

We list the following stimuli that may cause an erection:

  • auditory stimuli: these include exciting speech, or music, perhaps - passionate breathing;
  • Smell: when a person is excited by the smell of perfume, hair, skin;
  • taste stimuli: examples can be given when a partner is excited by the taste of saliva, secretions of the genitals, food;
  • touch - it is a different kind of touch, pressure, stroking, massage;
  • imagination - possible fantasies of a sexual nature, dreams, or memories;
  • Visual stimuli are a type of sexual body, lingerie, naked person.

In humans, unlike animals, for the emergence of an erection in the waking state requires the interaction of several factors. So, men are excited in the presence of visual or tactile stimuli in combination with memories, dreams or fantasies.

It turns out that women do not react so passionately to the mental effects as men. Men can get excited just by the appearance of the female genital organs, but a woman will rarely experience an erection from the type of penis.

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