What is romance?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
March 27, 2013
What is romance?

Romance is both a musical and literary work of art. In simple words, a romance is a poetic work, which is regularly recited either with or without music. Romances are a favorite genre of poets of the XVIII-XIX centuries in Russia. Many poems, written in a certain rhythm and most often on a love theme, then lay down to music, turning into musical romances.

Now many people know what romance is, but few people remember where the word came from in Russian. In fact, it came from Spanish and in this hot country meant a secular song. In European countries, the romance, as we know it today, was a type of ordinary songs, which were sung by both secular ladies with a guitar or piano, and ordinary peasant women. Great influence on European romances had poets of the XVIII century: Goethe, Heine. Musical romances were written by the greatest composers of those centuries: Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms created melancholy melodies for beautiful poetic songs.

Romances in music

What is romance in music, everyone knows who has ever watched the old Soviet films. The romance came to our lands in the 19th century, when rich estates became poorer and the country was preparing for war. Against the background of all this crumbling and impoverished population, serious love passions still raged. The more difficult was the situation of previously rich families, the more tense the situation became: the girls were trying to marry more favorably, they were interrupted by true love relationships, etc. Therefore, the majority of Russian music romances are rather dreary works. Their main features are unobtrusive musical accompaniment in the form of a guitar, violin or piano, a large number of verses and an almost complete absence of choruses. Romance, if I may say so, is a lingering cry of the soul, when the song expresses all the pain and all the experiences of the singing.

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