What is the industrial revolution

The industrial revolution began in England in the sixties of the eighteenth century. The prerequisite for this event was the English bourgeois revolution of the seventeenth century. She gave impetus to the development of capitalist relations. In addition, by this time, the contradiction between the increasing demand for consumer goods and the inability to fully meet these growing needs only by manual production was growing. Especially these problems concerned the labor-intensive production of fabrics.
At the same time, a breakthrough in science and technology begins, and the inventions obtained immediately find application in business. There is a gradual replacement of the organization of labor on mechanical machines. For example, in the seventies of the eighteenth century, the spinning wheels �Jenny� became widespread in England. Gradually, there was a gap between the production of yarn and weaving, which was still manual.Then in 1785 a loom was invented and patented, and by 1801 the first weaving mill was already operating in the UK.
Successful mechanization of fabric production gave impetus to the development of other industries, for example, dyeing, sittsepechatnogo. In order to successfully sell the goods, mechanical transport began to develop. At the same time, small handicraft production gradually began to fade, as they could not compete with large machine enterprises. The industrial revolution led to a complete separation of industry from agriculture. Began to form large industrial centers. The more machine production grew, the more acute the interclass contradictions became. Society was divided into the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.
In Russia, the industrial revolution began much later, at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The reason for this was serfdom, since the development of capitalist relations requires a huge number of wage workers. The coup, as in England, began with the production of fabrics, then the rest of the industry was affected.After the abolition of serfdom in 1861, the development of industry rapidly advanced.

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