What is the mint color in clothes

What is the mint color in clothesAny color strongly affects a person. Many choose clothes in nature. For example, passionate and courageous girls buy red dresses, serious and quiet ladies opt for blue dresses, and dreamy and romantic natures love pink and blue clothes. Recently, the mint shade has gained popularity.

Did you know that this color is able to relieve a headache, give freshness to the face, emphasize youth and improve mood? It is bright, faded and saturated, it can be perfectly combined with a different color palette. And so, what color is suitable for mint? What combination is now in vogue? You will read about this in our article with examples in the photo.

What mint color combines

Stylists are sure that the most successful combination with mint color is all shades of brown. For example, you can wear a peppermint T-shirt and classic beige or chocolate pants. It looks good this color with green and red.Especially winning red will look on brunettes. Blondes are better to choose turquoise and yellow colors. Perfectly combines mint with white. It is he who will create the image of a romantic and sophisticated young lady.What is the mint color in clothes

If you think that the white color fills you, just buy yourself snow-white shoes or a belt. Marc Jacobs in the creation of his collection combines mint with a black tint. Black color is always a winner, because it masks the flaws of the body and slims. Here the game will be built on the contrast of dark and light. Be prepared for the fact that you attract the attention of all men! For office, you can combine a mint shade with a dark blue. For meetings with friends, combine mint with lilac, blue, yellow or gray.What is the mint color in clothes

What mint-colored clothes are the most popular? In the trend in 2015, short tops, miniskirts and jackets. Create your own image of a young princess, emphasize femininity. By the way, in the summer you can choose a mint swimsuit, which will look especially charming on tanned skin. Complement the image of a snow-white or pink pareo. And in winter it is best to buy wool mint gizmos that will perfectly warm and refresh your face a little.

We select accessories

What is the mint color in clothesAnd so, let's say, you chose a suitable mint-colored clothing for yourself, and also selected a combination with other outfits. Now it remains to look at the jewelry. It is best to combine mint clothes with gold and silver. Gold can be chosen by older ladies, picking up a small pebble, and young women of the fair sex should opt for silver jewelry to emphasize femininity and sophistication. A small necklace on a mint shirt or dress will look great. Going to a party, put on yellow beads, a mint blouse and a white skirt. Wear a white shirt for a walk, and pick up turquoise earrings.

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