What causes a stomach ache?

Tonight I suddenly woke up and started running every 10 minutes to a tealet (panosilo), in the morning everything seemed to work out (I did not take the pills, now, in the evening I have a strong stomach ache, it is boiling and gases are emitting. It seems that I have not eaten anything like that and have not eaten too much. What is it, help me please! At the same time I am sick with ARVI. By the way the stomach hurts periods.
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Answered on February 28, 2015 02:12
Boils and gasses are released - it is not the stomach, but the intestine. Noshpa helps for cramps, not for this problem, you have chosen the wrong medicine. The intestine is somewhere in the navel, the stomach is higher. You do not accidentally messed up? I assume that you have problems with your intestines, not with your stomach. It seems that they did not eat anything like this, but they still could eat something bad without noticing. It is also possible that they ate a lot of some gas-forming product, and now the intestine reacts now. I advise you to drink activated carbon (calculation - 1 tablet per 10 kg.). Be sure to go to the therapist, talk about the problem and ask for a referral to the proctologist, who will conduct an examination of the intestine.
George Petrov
George Petrov
Answered on January 13, 15:40
Hi Catherine! I think this is not all simple. Perhaps stomach pain you have from a peptic ulcer, read on the site that it is very dangerous. Better go to a specialist doctor, check your stomach.

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