What men look at: 7 sincere confessions

No wonder they say: "A man loves his eyes." And there is! But what are the first things that guys pay attention to when they look at a girl? Some answers surprised us a lot.
what women like men
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Oleg, 31, bodybuilding coach:

“I am a trainer, and I have seen enough of a beautiful female body. Honestly, resilient priests and taut tummies can cling only visually, and only for a couple of minutes. And fly out of my head. You do not know the girl you liked the pope? Of course, first of all you pay attention to your eyes. It is enough to look that girl in the eye once, how you feel how the earth leaves from under your feet. In my case, that was exactly the case. My girlfriend hates sports, you can't drive her to the gym. And I do not insist. Enough of one athlete in the family. "


Sergey, 27 years old, bartender:

“There is nothing more beautiful than a sincere smile. This is really catchy. A gloomy girl, no matter how beautiful she is, repels her with its inaccessibility.Once I was driving, in parallel I was moving a bus. There was a girl in the cabin - an ordinary, pretty girl, not a gorgeous beauty, as I then thought. And suddenly we just crossed eyes. And she smiled at me ... God, I did not see a more beautiful smile! I drove behind this bus as a desperate pursuer. I slowed down and waited at what stop the girl would get out. And drove her to the end. Despite the fact that we didn’t become a couple anyway, I remember this moment as the most romantic in my life. Girls, smile! For the sake of your smile, the men, if not reach the end of the world, will reach the final stop for sure! ”

what women like men
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Embarrassment and embarrassment

Pavel, 26 years old, head:

“There is such a category of people who are called“ famously one-eyed ”. That is, in the literal sense, there are 33 misfortunes, and for the most part exclusively for themselves. I just conquer these girls! Those same girls who can easily leave the change or bag on the store counter (and the seller simply doesn’t shout to the point of failure), car drivers who are lost in a narrow yard, panic thinking where to go to miss the oncoming car, girls who can stumble out of the blue and embarrassed smile. It's so cute! I am always ready to help! ”


Alexander, 30 years old, videographer:

“I always pay attention to female fingers. Now everyone will exclaim: “Damned fetishist!” Nothing of the kind! Naturally, it is nice to see well-groomed female fingers. I once met a girl. We walked through the snow-covered park, froze and decided to go to a cafe - drink coffee and warm up. The girl is very cute, honey. But as soon as she took off her gloves, the whole impression collapsed. The dirty border under her nails still stands before her eyes. I am not an impressionable boy, but there was a kind of fastidious feeling. Well, to hell with him, with a manicure, but you could cut your nails. She's a girl! ”

what women like men
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ABOUTpreppy clothes

Stanislav, 25 years old, manager:

“And just do not laugh and condemn. Yes, I meet on clothes. After all, like any man, I love with my eyes. An untidy girl is not something that will alienate the guy, but simply will not even attract his attention. Maybe my remarks may seem rude to someone — honestly, I don't want to offend anyone! By the way, I often noticed for myself and the guys-friends say that girls in skirts and knee-length dresses more often cling to them outwardly. Notice, not in the mini! This strict image is just a bomb! ”


Dmitry, 29 years old, driver:

“I have no particular preference - blondes, brunettes or redheads. But long shiny hair is gorgeous. If you want, you don't want it, but you won't tear off your eyes! ”

High heels

Alexey, 28 years old, sales representative:

“I always pay attention, heels girl or not. Studs look so tempting on female legs.

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