What products can replace sausage?

Sausage - tasty, but not dietary and not the most useful dish. And than it can be replaced? Let's find out!

Worthy alternatives to sausage

So, what can replace sausage? We offer several options:

  1. Bird, such as turkey or chicken. You can cook it in different ways and quickly. The easiest way is to bake a whole carcass or parts of it, supplementing the dish with spices. More refined option - fillet stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, vegetables, eggs, prunes or herbs. If you have the time and desire, try making a bird roll or homemade ham. You can also simply weld it, pass it through a meat grinder and mix with seasonings: such a simple souffle can be smeared on bread.
  2. If you prefer natural products, then as a replacement for sausage you can use meat, for example, beef, pork, veal. It is much more useful than semi-finished products, and if it is properly prepared, it will also be very tasty.To make meat an appetizing snack and taste like sausage, you can bake it. To do this, rub the piece with spices and, after making a few cuts, stuff them with garlic, and then bake them in a sleeve or foil. You can also make stunning rolls, souffles and pates from meat. A dried product to taste and aroma resembles smoked sausage, which is so loved by many.
  3. Fish, too, may well replace sausage. For example, the structure of the tuna pulp is very similar to meat, and many people like it. Red fish is tasty, fat and rich in amino acids. Carp and grass carp are very gentle, and with proper preparation they are also delicious.
  4. To feed households and guests with something useful, but not very expensive, use offal, such as liver, heart, chicken stomachs, and so on. If you stew them with spices, they will become soft, tender, fragrant and tasty. And from any by-products you can prepare delicious pies that are good for smearing on bread and eat as part of sandwiches.
  5. Surprisingly, hummus can be used to replace the sausage. It is a kind of chickpeas puree with the addition of lemon, garlic, olive oil and sesame.Such pasta, spread on bread, will become a nourishing snack and source of protein.

As you can see, it is not necessary to buy sausage: it can be replaced with natural and healthy products.

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