What properties has rice water?

If you love rice in all its manifestations, often use it and know about the benefits of such cereal, then you will probably be interested to find out everything about rice water.

What it is?

Rice water is a remedy made from water and rice. In fact, it is rice water, although there are recipes that do not involve cooking. Such water is especially popular in Asian countries, where cereal is the most popular and is included in the daily diet.


The composition of rice water includes substances that contain this cereal. These are iron, iodine, calcium, zinc, potassium, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, and also vitamins of group B.


Useful properties of rice water:

  • This is an excellent skin cleanser. And it removes not only the pollution, but also the excess of sebum. With the help of rice water you can get rid of black dots.
  • Such water is useful for hair, because, first, it cleans not only them, but also the scalp, secondly, nourishes, thirdly, strengthens and restores the structure.With regular use, the curls acquire a healthy natural shine, become more elastic and voluminous.
  • This remedy is very useful for the skin and can significantly alleviate the condition with such diseases as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and others.
  • Rice water helps to clean not only the skin and hair, but also the whole body. It is an excellent adsorbent, that is, attracts toxins, slags and other harmful substances, and then displays them.
  • This tool helps with intestinal infections and poisoning. Firstly, thanks to zinc, which is part of it, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes the irritated intestinal walls, secondly, it has a knitting effect and stops diarrhea.
  • Rice water is able to provide regenerative and wound healing effects, so it can be used for wounds, abscesses, furuncles.
  • This is an excellent fortifying agent that gives energy.
  • With the help of rice water you can get rid of extra pounds, because it speeds up metabolic processes and starts the burning of fat cells.

How to cook and use?

How to cook and apply rice water? There are several ways to do this.

Method one

This is the recipe for the easiest rice water, which is best used for the face for cosmetic purposes, for example, for daily rubbing or washing.

For cooking will require 100 grams of rice and two glasses of water. It is best to use warm or hot water, then the nutrients will be released and pass into the liquid much faster. Place the rice in an enamel container, for example, in a saucepan.

It is not necessary to rinse it too thoroughly, since the remaining particles of the husk also have a lot of useful information. Just rinse gently in running water, this will be enough. Next, pour the water and leave the rice for two to three hours. Remember the cereal and actively mix it with your hands so that it gives everything that it contains. Done, you can begin to use.

Second way

Prepare a decoction that is good for the health and cleansing of the body, effective for poisoning and diarrhea, as well as for non-healing wounds and skin diseases.

For cooking you will need two tablespoons of rice and two glasses of water.

Cooking method:

  1. Rinse rice and place in a saucepan, pour it with water.
  2. Put the pot on the fire.
  3. When the water boils, reduce the heat and cook the rice for about two hours.
  4. Cool the broth, strain it through the cheesecloth and start using.

Apply water prepared according to this recipe, should be externally in the form of lotions or compresses. Wiping is also effective. For diarrhea, it is recommended to use a quarter or half cup several times a day until the condition improves. To cleanse the body, take a glass of decoction before going to bed.

Third way

Particularly useful is fermented rice water obtained during the fermentation process, i.e. fermentation. It is even richer in nutrients and can be used to combat black spots, improve hair condition, and also to normalize the intestinal microflora.

In order to get fermented rice water, you can use the product prepared according to any of the two recipes described above to leave for a day in a warm place. If it is ready, it will get a sour taste.

You can use this remedy to rinse your hair after each head wash. Also use the composition in the form of masks for acne.And in order to normalize the intestinal microflora and improve digestion, take half a glass an hour before breakfast during the week.

Helpful Tips


  1. Do not store rice water for more than five days, it will lose its beneficial properties and deteriorate.
  2. Do not discard the rice used for cooking, it is quite suitable for human consumption.
  3. If the product is too thick, it can be diluted with water.
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