What qualities does a real leader have?

Depending on the mentality, scope and characteristics of the community of people, the claimed leadership characteristics may differ. What qualities does the real leader have in the universal understanding, regardless of whether he is endowed with formal powers of the leader or has informal power in the group or collective?

Leader and Leadership

What is leadership? A leader is a person who, thanks to authority, the community gives the right to solve basic issues for everyone. Leadership - a set of qualities that allow you to get this authority, a way of organizing influence.

From the time of Plato to the XIX century. it was believed that only individual and innate personality traits allow one to become a true leader. For example, Charles Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton, believed that leadership was hereditary talent.

What qualities does a real leader have?

Later, put forward the theory that the leader can be raised, but with the ability.The modern approach to a lesser extent takes into account individual properties, shifting the main focus on the strategy of behavior. Now is a person who has the ability to inspire an action.

How to identify leadership potential? The potential of a true leader is determined by:

  1. Congenital individual traits.
  2. Acquired. Thanks to education, training, self-education, experience.
  3. Psychological attitude (vocation). Feelings, beliefs, ideas, ideas about yourself.

Being a leader is not a position, but a character.

Features of a true leader

By themselves, the innate qualities of the owner of a leader do not automatically do, but help them to become. Acquired qualities can turn into an effective leader. But, without some individual qualities, it is difficult to become a real leader, for whom people will voluntarily reach out.

  1. Character. It is defined in relation to itself and to people, to things and activities. The character trait that reveals the leader at once is the will. The ability to consciously manage their behavior and emotions, form a goal and concentrate on it. Self-regulate your own activity to achieve a result. Basic volitional qualities:
  • Purposefulness.The leader sees the main thing and does not lose it in a multitude of problems and trifles. The ability to concentrate on the expected result - this ability to also plan a path to achievement, as if watching a movie from the end. John Maxwell, who wrote dozens of books on motivation, calls this property a promising vision.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Self-control and courage. The behavior of the leader depends on his decisions, not on the circumstances.
  • Independence, determination, perseverance. The ability to make decisions. Take all the responsibility for yourself and bring it to the end, despite the failures.
  • Proactive, initiative, curiosity. Be at the center of events and one step ahead of everyone else.
  • Diligence. Strangely enough, but the performance is also a feature of a real leader. After all, in order for the decisions to be made to achieve the goal, it is necessary to work on them diligently and systematically.
  1. Charisma. Exclusivity and personal appeal, inspiring unconditional faith to others in the possibility of the owner.
What qualities does a real leader have?
  1. The desire to manage people, expressed in organizational skills:
  • The ability to quickly find a solution to the problem.
  • Sociability.The ability to correctly and accurately express your thoughts.
  • A true leader will easily create a team. He can select the necessary personnel, find the use of their abilities in the context of the tasks set, understands the psychology of people. Discovers talents in them.
  • The ability to organize. To give orders and orders or otherwise influence others. Including manipulate them.
  • Able to be responsible for the actions of subordinates.
What qualities does a real leader have?
  1. Emotional competence. The ability to create an emotional microclimate in a community or team, the most suitable for the rapid achievement of goals. Atmosphere is achieved through persuasion, suggestion or infection. This helps:
  • Faith and passion.
  • Positive settings.
  • Energy.
  • Politeness and tact.
  • Listening skills.
  • Justice and rigor.
  • The ability to punish and encourage.
  • Flexibility of behavior.
  • Generosity.
  • Sense of humor.
  • Eloquence. A gift of persuasion.
  • The ability to appreciate people.
  1. Competence. It is not necessary to have the highest IQ, but for effective and successful activities you need to have some experience and sufficient knowledge to solve problems and find solutions.
  2. Risk willingness.It is inseparably linked with intuition and the ability to think analytically.
  3. Reliability and consistency.
  4. Knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. And the ability to work on the shortcomings, organically replace them with advantages.
  5. Ability to self-study and self-education. Desire to develop, not to stop in development. Striving for an ideal.

Leader and leader are not the same. The leader is endowed with formal, official authority, and the leader has the ability of psychological influence. Ideally, these two roles coincide.

True leadership features can be tried in yourself to educate, because it's not for nothing that the point of view is that leaders are becoming, not born.

How to awaken a leader?

There are situations in life when an ordinary person in a dangerous or tense situation activates latent (hidden) leadership qualities. He takes responsibility for himself and resolves a vital issue. Such cases suggest that everyone can become a leader in certain conditions.

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How to create the most necessary atmosphere for awakening in yourself leadership potential?

  • In order to assess yourself, start a notebook in which you record your own positive and negative qualities, in your opinion, and the words of relatives.Learn not to react painfully to criticism. Each critical comment will learn to logically refute. Develop self-confidence. But do not confuse it with self-love.
  • Make it a rule to plan the next day. Every evening describe what you managed to do. Celebrate success. Such a “diary” will allow you to identify your weaknesses and outline the path to their eradication.
What qualities does a real leader have?
  1. Develop leadership behavior in the team and family.
  • Start small: organize interesting and active leisure. Offer the best, in your opinion, solutions to problems at work. For a leader, the main thing is to set a goal and organize people.
  • Communicate more. Develop communication skills at every opportunity. Learn to listen and hear others, and then draw your own conclusions.
  • Take people as they are. This will help find the best use for their qualities. The real leader is not the one who asks the question: “How can a team help to achieve my goal?”. He asks himself: "How can I help them reach our goal?"
  • Mentally play dialogue to motivate fictional companions.
  • Train your composure.
  1. Learn to take the initiative and responsibility.
  • Fear of criticism and failure is natural. But the development of the ability to constructively treat blunders helps to grow. Be optimistic about failures. Fight the fear of losing.
  • Without patience and perseverance, success is impossible. Learn to concentrate.
  • A true leader chooses a job for himself: the one that likes or develops.
  • Learn to say “no” not only to others, but to yourself. Train the will, giving up bad habits.
  • Take care of others, but do not live with other people's problems.
  • Try not to take imposed roles. Stay yourself.
What qualities does a real leader have?
  1. Set goals, make plans. Go to achieve the result. From the smaller to the larger.
  • Set goals that are beyond your reach. They should not be foggy, but only clear and clear. Do not put unrealistic deadlines for implementation. Learn patience and perseverance.
  • Learn to plan. First paint the day, then the week.
  • “Laziness” and “leadership” are incompatible concepts. Be active. Make the maximum effort to achieve the desired result.
  • Read more, learn. After all, owning the world - owning information.
  • Perform your duties as responsibly.
  • Record achievements.
  • Think positive.

Malcolm Gladuell in his book “Geniuses and Outsiders” notes that often passivity is the quality of people from poor classes who do not want to take the initiative because of fear of vulnerability and lack of confidence in their abilities. How to awaken a leader? Squeeze out “a slave drop by drop”, as Chekhov said.

What qualities does a real leader have?

External manifestations of leadership qualities

The dominant person in the community is not always active. But to reveal it is easy enough for the external manifestations of leadership qualities:

  • Dress well. Watching the appearance, but without extravagance in the image. Have their own style.
  • Surround yourself with people.
  • They look straight in the eyes and confidently shake hands.
  • Direct conversation when communicating.
  • Always listen to the speaker to the end and do not rush to answer.
  • Polite enough and tactful.
  • The audience is placed at some distance from everyone in order to have an overview and not to allow outsiders into their personal space. But do not hide behind their backs.
  • Characteristic confident gait with waving hands.
  • They themselves are called to perform duties, from which the majority keeps silent.
  • Immediately grasp the essence of the problem.

Consider the implicit leader in the team is very important to direct its activities for the benefit of the entire organization.

What qualities does a real leader have?

Female leader

It is hard for the weaker sex to dominate, especially in the men's team. What are the special qualities of a true leader, other than basic ones, that women should cultivate in themselves in order to succeed?

  • Control emotionality. Social intelligence helps a woman to feel relationships in a team, but emotions should not control her mind.
  • Learn to build long-term prospects.
  • Clearly and concretely formulate thoughts.
  • For a female leader, an authoritarian management style is not always effective. It is best to use the democratic.
  • Be prepared for risk. For this great female intuition.
  • Take criticism adequately.
  • Do not be afraid to use the charm to favor yourself. But always share work and relationships.
What qualities does a real leader have?

Leadership allows you to develop personally and feel the fullness of life. But only on condition of awareness of the uniqueness of their qualities. Simply adopting behavior and imitating qualities, in order to feel exalted above others - it is unlikely that it will help to become a real leader.

You need to be yourself, find in yourself talent, abilities, energy and give it all the time and energy. After all, being a leader is not only a reward, but also a heavy burden.

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