What is the hippo seen in a dream?

Hippo appears in dreams not particularly often. Therefore, it is very important to know what this image can mean. Dream interpretation interpret it differently.

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hippo in a dream
What is the hippo seen in a dream?

Children's dream book

Presence in a dream suggests that you tend to postpone matters until later. Make sure you do not do this with something very important.

Combined dream book

Hippo foreshadows acquaintance with a man who has enough power to solve all your problems. He will do it if you are able to interest and endear him.

Train - beat your head against the wall. Your plans are unworkable.

Aggressive striker - someone intrigues you, be extremely careful.

Modern dream book

In a dream, you can see a hippopotamus to interesting, fateful acquaintances.

To observe from afar is a lack of confidence in one’s power, fear of not coping with errands.

Angry - you will find a fight with a very strong opponent.

Dream interpretation 2012

Big talks about the presence in your life of hyper-care.You can manifest it yourself, or it is directed at you. Perhaps you have a strained relationship with your mother, which must be urgently adjusted.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Hippo in a dream warns of an important meeting soon. Try not to miss it - in the future it will be very useful.

Chasing you - in your environment there is a hidden enemy who will soon reveal himself and come into conflict with you. The difficulty is that he has already prepared for the confrontation.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

You watch him in his natural habitat, study him - you need to prepare for changes in life, they will be so rapid that you can skip important acquaintances or not give them value.

Aggressive - do not waste your strength on trifles, you have a long fight and hard work.

Dream interpretation online

Most often this suggests that in your life there is a very strong person or group of people. They may be negative or have bad plans.

Trying to escape - in your life there are very mediocre people who have a very high opinion of themselves and their abilities. They inhibit your development and prevent you from moving forward.

To dream of a hippopotamus in the water - you will be very hard to achieve the desired. However, luck favors you, so do not give up. In the most difficult moment, someone unexpected will give you a helping hand.

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