What should be the perfect curtains for the kitchen

It is necessary to carefully select kitchen curtains. Pay attention to the color you need at the very least. The most important thing is to know how resistant the material is to dirt. After all, this is a kitchen. Everything is cooked on it, boils and boils. Also important is the quality of the paint that is applied to the fabric. Now there is a textile for the interior, impregnated with a special composition, which does not allow to settle dust and dirt, and also prevents fire and burnout. Ideal would be options for curtains of flax with synthetics. They are very easy to wash, they practically do not crumple and have a noble look. Do not discard fabrics such as viscose and polyester. They are also very practical and comfortable.

Rules for selecting curtains for wallpaper

The color of the curtains, must necessarily match the wallpaper. If we talk about the style, it is necessary to take into account the style of the room, window features and functionality of the room.

The most important rule - if there are two colors in the room, choose one for the curtains. For example, under the shade of furniture, decorative elements or flooring.

In the event that the wallpaper is plain, you can turn your attention to the curtains with a variety of patterns. Even a very large drawing will do. It can be flowers, a variety of shapes.

If the wallpaper has a picture, then look at the monotonous options. They can be very diverse. Thus, you will not overload the room, make it very colorful.

When choosing an option that will contrast against the background of the wallpaper, support it, at least with small details of the decor.

Interior Supplement

With an element like curtains, you can make a room more beautiful and bright. If you decide to do it yourself, you may face the problem of choice. Choose curtains in bulk in the store "Decor Design" - a huge range, great prices. In this case, it is necessary to navigate the color of the wallpaper, the size and shape of the windows, and the particular room The main gamut of the interior and color scheme should look harmonious.

There is nothing difficult in choosing curtains to the kitchen. The material for them should be transparent and light. So the room will appear lighter and bigger. Think about your safety.A kitchen is a room where there is a huge amount of household appliances and its most important component is a stove. The curtains can ignite very quickly. It is advisable to make them far away from open flames.

Most often, you can see options for the kitchen, which are much higher than the window sill. This gives free access to the window and improves air circulation.

If you decide to buy fabric for curtains, you can do it in the online store http://dekortextil.ru/, do not forget, to fantasize on any topic. Do not be afraid to experiment. You can create a unique design with your own hands and the environment in which it will be nice to get together with your family.

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