What should be the summer makeup?

In this article we will tell you how to apply cosmetics in the summer, so that even in the forty-degree heat it looks beautiful.

We all love summer, especially being on the beach or at least a lake. On vacation, we gain strength, take care of our body and face, walk and do nothing. This is the perfect summer option 🙂

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to spend this time of the year. Most often, we spend summer days in a stuffy public transport (getting to work), in the office and at home. When on the street 35-40 degrees we all dream of only one thing: to undress and plunge into the water. As if the street was not hot, no one will cancel the work. So you need to put up with it and try to make it impossible to see on your face that you experience terrible discomfort from the high temperature outside the window.

To look good in the summer, you need to learn how to apply makeup correctly. Pay attention to some of the nuances.

In the summer, our skin is quickly contaminated, so before you apply makeup, you need to make a thorough cleaning.

To do this, buy a cleanser that eliminates shine and dries the skin a little.Further, if desired, you can apply a thin layer of day cream with a light texture.

Wait five minutes, now it's time to apply foundation. If nature has rewarded you with healthy skin, then you can in principle refuse to use this product in a summer make-up. Well, if pimples and spots are present - without a key anywhere!

For makeup in the hot season you need to use a tone based on water. Apply it alone, even layer. Lightly powder with reflective powder.

Mascara can be used any. There are no special features. You can experiment with the color of the ink, because summer is a bright time, so why not try green or blue mascara. You can also replace the usual black mascara, brown. It will make your image softer.

Eyeshadow most often suffer from high temperatures, treacherously rolling on the eyes. To avoid this trouble, buy the shadows marked "for summer makeup", do not save! Before starting to paint the eyelid, powder it. From this, the shadows will lie flat. For work, use the shadows of pastel shades, but for an evening walk or a disco - green, blue,purple. With the right application and combination of colors you get a bright makeup. Apply a thin layer of shade.

In the summer, give up your eyeliner, it will look too rough. The pencil must be stable and not spread throughout the day. In the summer it will look good brown, gray and colored pencils.

Lips in the hot season requires special care. Use protective balms and lipsticks. Drink more water and do not lick your lips.

In the summer in your purse must be: wet and dry napkins, cotton buds and thermal water. All this you need in order to during the day to refresh your skin.

Do not forget that summer is the best time to experiment with looks. So try different versions of summer makeup, and you will not be reflected!

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