What should the goddess of fate and war look like?

Appearance and clothing
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Goddess of fate, probably, should be of medium beauty women, with dark and blond hair, different eye colors, that is, blue-eyed, and green-eyed, brown-eyed. Goddesses should be different, but each of them must have long hair, preferably below the waist, they should all be slim and tall, with beautiful long hands and well-groomed fingers. They are dressed in long developing multi-layered dresses of different colors and fabrics, as long as they are all fitted. Goddess of war should not be very beautiful women, but each must have some zest, for example, one eye is slightly smaller than the other, the other has no index finger on the right hand, the third cannot pronounce the letter "k" and so on . Clothing is necessarily leather, and it doesn�t matter if it is a skirt or trousers, the main thing is made of genuine leather, there are a lot of massive jewelry, shoes are boots, boots are better.
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Writer, is it you again?) Well, if you write a book, you should have at least some idea of how to do it :) Many writers before writing a book, very long and carefully collect information, study different books, materials, recruit experience, which is then used to write a book. So, it�s not worthwhile to start �to write about a dummy� without having any idea at all about the topic of the book. It will turn out badly. You can, of course, give a full flight of your imagination, but then don�t ask what you mean, how to describe, but invent everything yourself, not paying attention to the traditions and experience of other writers. As seen and felt, so write. But what happens in the end? Or curious, perhaps, something brilliant, or complete incomprehensible mediocrity. My advice: read different fantasy, before you write something of your own, if so doubt. As for the goddess, it is possible to write off some features, for example, from Greek Athens (Myths of Ancient Greece to help). If you think about her appearance (further purely my opinion), then I would have made such a goddess slender, but strong, with developed muscles, behind her long hair gathered in a high tail.Face: almond-shaped dark eyes, broad dark eyebrows stray, straight nose, bright medium-sized, well-defined lips. Dressed in a short, tight-fitting dress, similar to armor, on her hands are massive studded bracelets, in her hands are spears and arrows.
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Map Daisy
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I agree with Butterfly about the appearance of the goddess. I was presented exactly such - harmonous and high, flexible, but strong. Her face must express severity, perseverance, determination, seriousness.

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