What steel is used for what

The methods of steel production have changed and improved over the centuries. Today, the converter and electric steel-making methods are really relevant, a special open-hearth reflective furnace goes into the past.
Steel has many brands, but there are two main categories - it is an elite alloyed steel, which contains one or several elements, such as nickel, chromium, molybdenum. and the usual carbon, in which there are no improving additives.
Alloy steel - the queen of technical progress. In the production of such steel, elements are added to the raw materials, giving the final material special properties, physical or chemical.
Of the steel with the addition of molybdenum, Japanese samurai still made amazingly sharp, durable swords. Today, for the manufacture of knives for various purposes, vanadium additives are used, and production shafts, bolts for complex fastenings, gears on the aggregates are made of steel with the addition of chromium.Special additives and additional hardening make it possible to create a cutting tool from alloyed steels designed for high-speed work in production.
Most often in the industry, instrumental grades of alloyed steels are used for the manufacture of various types of rolled products or specialized tools for processing metal products both in the cooled state and at high temperatures (mills, drills, discs, molds).
Special high-alloyed types of steel with a variety of special additives are used in aircraft and shipbuilding, in the manufacture of steam boilers, since such material has increased heat resistance, resistance to external influences and is not subject to corrosion.
Many details of the car are made of steel of improved quality, and the food stainless steel which is customary in everyday life, from which modern dishes are made, is also a variation of this material.
Carbon steel. Quite inexpensive production led to the widespread use of this type of steel in everyday life, in the manufacture of tools that are experiencing moderate loads.It is from carbon steel that reinforced concrete structures, grids and fences, nails, self-tapping screws, wires for various purposes are made.
Water pipes, for which a similar metal was also used, have in recent years been actively replaced with more modern versions. Unfortunately, this type of steel rust and needs care and special treatment. But this material is easy to weld and is widely used in construction.

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