What stretching?

October 20, 2014
What stretching?

Every woman wants to have an attractive, toned body. She spends maximum effort, time and money to keep him fit. But sometimes treacherous pink or dark stripes still appear on different parts of the body. This defect is called stretch marks. By the way, men suffer from this problem. In the article we will talk from what appear stretch marks.

Causes of

  • Often the defect appears due to hormonal changes in the body. It happens when a girl turns into a girl;
  • The second reason for the increase in hormone levels is pregnancy. Also during pregnancy, the growth of the abdomen stretches not only the muscles, but also the skin of the abdominal wall;
  • The third reason for the appearance of stretch marks is overweight.

A feature of our body is that it fights with some problems on its own, including stretch marks. With the help of connective tissue, saturated with blood vessels, the appeared rupture of the skin is eliminated. That is why at first stretch marks have a pink tint, and then they brighten.

There is no pigment in the connective tissue, so the resulting scar does not tan in the sun.

The fight against stretch marks

  • Keep track of nutrition and weight. Add in your diet more fruits, vegetables, herbs and proteins, and remove the sweet and flour or reduce;
  • Lead an active lifestyle, play sports. It is not necessary to kill yourself in the gym, it is quite enough to attend aerobics, fitness or dance classes. It is useful not only for the body, but also for the soul. Periodically go to the pool: strengthen the muscles, tighten the skin, not to mention a healthy sleep and good mood;
  • Moisturize with creams. At night, problem areas can be smeared with olive oil;
  • To prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy or reduce their number - pick yourself a bandage. It reduces the load on the spine of a woman and helps to maintain the correct shape of the abdomen. Gynecologist will assist in the selection;
  • To avoid breast skin after delivery, be sure to choose a comfortable bra from natural material;
  • If possible, go for a massage procedure or do it yourself on the problem areas.

This complex will help to avoid not only stretch marks, but also cellulite.

How to remove stretch marks at home

As we said above, take care to thoroughly moisturize the skin.

The next step to get rid of the disease - the use of natural and essential oils. When using oils, stretch marks are removed not only from the skin surface, but also from the inside.

It is best to apply these oils to problem areas every day after a shower with a pinching motion.

Once a week, make a coffee peel: take regular instant coffee granules and lightly rub your skin.

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