What if the cat is scratched?

Having settled in the house, cats bring with them coziness and comfort. Returning home after a hard day's work, it is so nice to see a little friend meeting you on the threshold, and ready to give his warmth and affection. But such a constant calm behavior can boast a few owners of furry pets. It often happens that the games develop into scratches and bites, and there are times when a pet, having released claws, suddenly attacks you from around the corner. Why is this happening and is it necessary to fight it? Let's figure it out.

Why does this happen?

To understand whether you need to try to wean your pet from the bad habit of scratching everything, including the owners, you should understand why this may happen.

  • Artificial feeding. Sometimes it happens that the cat refuses to feed their newborn kittens, and the owners have to feed them from the pipette and nipples. Since the kitten did not have the opportunity to contact other members of the litter, then, accordingly, he does not understand and does not know how to control the game and the power of manifestation of his emotions.

That is why small kittens often release claws while playing, and in a more mature age they can attack the master without a reason. This happens because this behavior is natural for them since childhood.

But even such animals give certain signs that they are asked to leave them alone. Your task is to learn to see and understand them.

  • Stress and fear. A cat may be subject to such states for a number of reasons: relocation, change of scenery, the appearance of strangers. If the pet finds itself cornered, most likely, it will try to attack you. It’s best to let her go in such a situation.

It is important to explain this to children in order to prevent scratches and bites.

  • Overexcitation Another reason for the aggressive manifestation of a character is an excessively long game. If you yourself provoke the animal, rustling on the floor with your hands, or trying to hit it with your foot, do not be surprised that the pet will scratch and after you stop playing. For him, it will continue.
  • Age. Often in old age, cats begin to tear themselves out when they are trying to take them in their arms, accompanying this with bites. So they try to get the desired peace.As with older people, such animals should be treated loyally and carefully.
  • Mark the territory. Scratching objects and even owners is a peculiar way to mark your “possessions” with a cat. On the paws between the fingers, they produce a special secret, which is felt only by animals. Sometimes a pet can climb up and peacefully claw hands, and at some point release them sharply, causing discomfort and pain. This is a kind of label, after which the rest of the animals will understand - “the territory is occupied”.
  • Life is locked up. Pets who spend all their time in an apartment can sometimes show aggression due to lack of physical activity.

How to deal with it?

How to wean a fluffy pet so strongly, and sometimes aggressively, to show their emotions?

  • In the case of small kittens that can scratch you, you can try to cry out. This will indicate that you feel unpleasant and painful. This is how kittens “explain” this to each other.

After the kitten will pay attention to your screaming, move away from him and try to ignore for a while. So he will understand that you are offended.Soon, the animal will stop scratching, but do not be alarmed if the pet will sometimes try to claw without releasing its claws. So he plays, trying not to hurt.

  1. In the case of adults among the popular means of education and click on the nose. If after warning the cat continues to scratch, gently click on her nose. It will not bring harm, but will help to pay attention to your request, and will become a kind of punishment.
  2. If you do not let your pet out, then you must provide him with proper physical activity. To do this, buy a few toys, and pay attention to the animal every day.
  3. If an adult cat scratches and bites, then during such an attack you can clap your hands loudly. This will be a sign that her actions are not welcome.
  4. What to do if the pet scratches you while you are stroking it? Here you should pay attention to whether you are not carried away. Especially if you are ironing your belly at this time. This is a very sensitive place, and stroking movements compare tickling for the animal. Periodically pay attention to the tail, if the animal begins to twitch them - remove your hands.
  5. Another way to remind an animal that scratching is not good is to spray it with water from a spray bottle. But this method is not always effective, because getting wet the first time, in the second pet can have time to quickly disappear, and then attack from cover.

Cute fluffy lumps - a great joy for adults and children. But do not forget that they have their own character, which must be respected. Be friends with your pet, love him, and he will always answer you in kind.

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