What to do if the towel warmer does not heat

does not heat the heated towel railHeated towel rail, or coil, is a curved metal structure that should provide heating for the bathroom. However, for some reason, due to malfunctions or features of certain models, the coil pipe may remain cold for a long time. Before answering the question why the heated towel rail does not warm, you should decide on its type.

All types of coils, standard and unusual stylized, can be divided into the following categories:

  • models based on a dead-end hot water supply system (DHW);
  • connected to circulating hot water systems;
  • electric models.

Why does a heated towel rail not working on a dead-end DHW system not warm?

Why does the coil in the bathroom connected to the dead-end system not heat? Such models work from the general scheme of water supply and for their operation it is necessary to ensure the access of hot water to the coil pipes.

Such models will be heated only with open hot water taps, so those who are not satisfied with this option, or at constant interruptions with hot water supply, it is recommended to simply change the coil model.

Not heated towel warmer in the bathroom connected to the circulation system of hot water

Circulating coils are also connected to the DHW, but not of the dead end, but of the circulating type, thanks to which the pipes are constantly heated by hot water flows.

If the circulation type water towel does not heat it, it may mean that the coil pipes are clogged. In this case, it is recommended to turn off the water, dismantle the device, do not forget to put plugs on the pipes, and flush the coil with a pump or brush on a long wire. Salt deposits are removed by light knocking, and at the final stage it is recommended to clean the pipe with hydrochloric acid solution. The solution is poured inside and left for some time, then rinsed with a jet of water and set the coil in its place.

Another option is a malfunction in the water supply system itself, which only specialists can eliminate.

What to do if the heated towel rail connected to the central heating system does not heat? For most of the year, heating in most town houses is turned off, and the equipment supplied to it does not work accordingly. In order to avoid mold in the bathroom, it is recommended to replace this model with an electric one that will work all year round without interruptions.
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Do not warm the electric heated towel rail

If the electric towel warmer does not heat the ladder, you should check the condition of the wiring and the outlet in which it is connected. The cause of the malfunction may be a break in the fuse installed to ensure safety. To correct such damage, it is best to call an electrician.
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