What to do in Karlovy Vary?

If you want to relax your body and soul and improve your health, then the choice of resort should be taken especially responsibly. Visiting Karlovy Vary, you can get a comprehensive recovery and enjoy the beauty of this city.

Description of the city

Karlovy Vary is a resort town belonging to the Czech Republic and famous primarily for its healing springs of mineral waters, which annually attract a large number of tourists and are used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Another well-known first name is Carlsbad. The number of people living here is small and amounts to only about 50 thousand inhabitants. Karlovy Vary is located in the western part of the Bohemia region in a picturesque place, where the waters of the Tepa, Ohře and Rolava rivers merge.

Interesting fact: this resort became popular only at the end of the last century. After the so-called velvet revolution, this place was actively sponsored, including by foreigners.Numerous hotels and sanatoriums underwent reconstruction, which allowed to achieve compliance with international standards and reach a new level.

How to get there?

The easiest way to fly to Karlovy Vary by plane: the international airport is located a few kilometers from the city itself, the center of which can be reached by taxi or by bus. Another option is to get to the resort by train (there are as many as two train stations, and trains from Russia and the capital of the Czech Republic arrive on the Upper one), and you can do it without transplants, but you will have to spend more days on the way. Also run international buses.


The climate of Karlovy Vary is moderately continental, and since they are located in a favorable part of the gorge belonging to the foothill zone, the weather conditions here are comfortable and soft. About 130-150 days a year, the thermometer does not fall below zero, and even in the winter there is not very cold and little snow. In the summer in Karlovy Vary is warm, but not hot.

It is common for this season to rain, which can occur several times a day and is abruptly replaced by sunny weather. So if you left the hotel or decided to take a walk, then by all means take an umbrella or a raincoat with you.

Where to stay, how to move around the city?

Since Karlovy Vary is considered a resort city, there are quite a few accommodation options: comfortable hotels, hotels, and sanatoriums. Problems with booking rooms should not arise, but still if you decide to improve your health in the tourist season, it is better to take care of everything in advance.

The main public transport is buses that run on a schedule (you can find it at stopping points). You can buy tickets either at special kiosks or directly from the drivers, but the latter option will cost you a bit more.

Day and week passes are also available. Another option for moving is a taxi, but this method can not be called a budget one. Two funiculars are popular among vacationers, one of which raises tourists to the observation tower, and the other to the famous Hotel Imperial.

Tip: if you have a driver's license, then you can rent a car and gain mobility. But the city has strict parking rules: it is allowed only in certain places and must be paid for, but some hotels have their own free parking.

What's so interesting?

What to see in a city like Karlovy Vary? Consider the main attractions of the resort:

  1. Observation tower with the proud name of Diana.
  2. Geysernaya colonnade, in which one can see the eruption of water from the bowels of the earth.
  3. Church of St. Mary Magdalene.
  4. Peter and Paul Church.
  5. Mill Colonnade.
  6. Goethe Tower, which is also used as a lookout.
  7. Dvorzhakovy Gardens is a small but very beautiful green area in the center of the resort.
  8. Castle colonnade.
  9. Old lock.
  10. The market colonnade is considered one of the most amazing places and was originally a temporary structure.
  11. Garden colonnade.
  12. Sculpture dedicated to the deer, whom Karl the Fourth tried to catch.

What to do in Karlovy Vary?

What to do in Karlovy Vary? Immediately it should be noted that lovers of outdoor activities, parties and fun there is nothing to do here. The main focus of the resort is health improvement, so people who suffer from any diseases or who simply want to improve their health and gain strength come here every year.

And yet there are options for an interesting pastime:

  • Visit the hot springs.There are about fifteen of them in the city, and they are similar in their chemical composition, but still differ in the concentration of certain substances, as well as in temperature, which can vary from 30-35 degrees to 70. As part of the waters, such useful elements as Sulfates and bicarbonates of sodium, potassium, bromine, calcium, magnesium, lithium, iron and many others. Most sources are used for drinking, but some waters are used for various wellness procedures, such as irrigation, rinsing, baths, swimming in the pool, rinsing and others. Massages, applications, heat, electric and phototherapy are also carried out. And if you want to get a full range of services, then it is best to settle in a sanatorium, whose specialists will conduct an examination and prescribe a suitable therapy.
  • To strengthen the musculoskeletal system, normalize the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as improve the shape, you can take a walk along one of the routes, which are divided into three groups according to the degree of difficulty: for the elderly and people with diseases, for healthy people and for physically trained.
  • Be sure to climb the viewing tower Diana and enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the city from a bird's-eye view.
  • You can just stroll around the city. And in order to better learn it and understand the history, take a tour or take a horse ride.
  • There are museums in the city that will help you to get to know Karlovy Vary better and just spend time with benefit and interest.
  • The resort has sports fields and centers, so here you can increase your level of physical development or just strengthen your muscles.
  • Visit the local market and buy souvenirs, such as porcelain, glass and crystal, as well as legendary mineral water mugs with tubules.
  • To relax culturally, you can visit the local city theater.

Culinary features

The cuisine of Karlovy Vary is traditional Czech, which is why it is dominated in a simple, rustic style, but at the same time very rich and mouth-watering dishes, such as cabbage cooked in various ways, boiled knee (baked pork knuckle), dumplings, duck, as well as world-famous Czech beer.

Wafer “payments”, which are sold in other Czech regions, are considered to be a real symbol of the resort, but, most likely, they were first made here.Another local culinary attraction is the fortified liqueur “Bekherevka”, which was developed by Jan Beherev and presented as a health and refreshing drink.

To undergo treatment, improve the body or just relax your body and soul, go to Karlovy Vary!

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