What to do when heat stroke, sunstroke

We help with heatstroke:



The victim must be urgently removed from the heat zone to a place protected from the sun and open to the wind. The head must be above the torso.


Free from outerwear, strip to the waist, let the body naturally cool.


It is necessary to moisten the face of the victim with cold water, pat it on the chest with a wet towel.


It is useful to put rubber bubbles or cold water bottles on the head and neck.


It is good to “wave” the victim, accelerating the movement of air and thereby increasing heat transfer.


If the patient can drink, give him cold water.


If there is a violation of cardiac activity, give valkordin or cordiamine.


The breath stopped? Proceed to mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration.


If your efforts to revive do not help - immediately call an ambulance or invite a more adult person to help you, but do not stop providing assistance to the victim.


Being on vacation in nature, working in the garden, in the garden, in a cottage on a very sunny day, you can get sunstroke and heat stroke.


Your actions with fainting - the victim lay his head below the trunk. The rest of the assistance is similar to the action in sunstroke. Next time you will already knowwhat to do with heat stroke, as well as in sunstroke.

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