What to give to a friend for his birthday?

The birthday of your friend is approaching and the question naturally arises: “what to give to a friend for a birthday?”. It would be desirable, that the gift was first of all original, useful and, of course, such that it was not a shame to present it to the friend. Let's try to make the right choice.

Who is your friend

In order to start picking up a gift for a friend, you need to decide on some things.

  • Try to imagine yourself in the place of your friend. What would you like to receive as a gift? It is possible that a friend has already given you some hints about the desired gift, but do not miss the fact that he could not only hint at you. If one of the guests gives the same gift, it will look quite ridiculous.
  • Think about what your friend is interested in and if he has any hobbies. If he collects certain souvenirs, replenish his collection. Give an athlete to a friend something from sports equipment or a subscription to the gym and pool.The computer player will always be delighted with the new game in your favorite genre.
  • Look at your friend’s location. If a person has difficult times associated with the loss of work, a quick marriage or a protracted repair, try to find a gift that can ease his situation a little. Such a gift in the first place will benefit and will be better than an expensive unnecessary trinkets. It is necessary to show maximum attention and see what a friend is missing: his working portfolio is worn out, a friend constantly asks him to lend a drill, etc. If it seems to you that the gift looks somehow in everyday life, pack it beautifully in a gift box and present it properly, kindly joking. Let them donate money is not accepted, but when a close friend needs help, a birthday can be a good reason for this.

Let's talk about a particular gift.

If a friend has repeatedly told you that he wants to play sports and tighten his beer belly, help him to fulfill this desire. Give a friend a subscription to the fitness center. This will be a good incentive for him to start playing sports.

An appropriate gift for the driver of the car will be an accessory for his car. Such a thing could be an additional mirror, fog lights or high-quality flavoring.

It happens that a friend has everything and he does not need anything, so in this case you can afford to give a beautiful and useless gift. Visit the souvenir shops and buy a friend something for the interior: an unusual alarm clock, a retro poster on the wall or a statuette.

Does your friend spend the weekend outdoors fishing or hunting? Give him a set of fish baits, a hunting knife made of good steel or a set consisting of a thermos, plaid and a portable gas stove. If you have enough money, give your friend a chic gift in the form of a tent or an inflatable boat. But remember that people do not always love to receive gifts that they themselves would never have been able to afford. Some people will not be happy with such a gift, and even offend it.

Do not try to make your gift the best among the rest. Give a gift from the heart and soul, only so your friend can see your warm attitude and attention.

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