What to wear in the spring? Interview with stylist Galya Maslennikova

A sense of style is like another muscle that can be “pumped out”, the main thing is to feed it systematically: watch the corresponding movie, study the history of fashion and art. If you are lucky to be born in a place surrounded by beautiful architecture, rich in museums and conservatories, to which there is free access, then somehow it will pull less on wild style decisions. But this does not mean that if a person was born without Pushkin or the Louvre within walking distance, he will automatically become a trechsetter. Even small towns and villages have their own beauty, and books on fashion and art are available anywhere in the world — thanks to the online libraries, e-books and online stores.

What is your source of inspiration when you are planning to shoot?

Recently, in my shootings, inspiration has been given less space, and more attention is given to a clear brief.For the majority of photos and videos, there are strict requirements for the clothes of the characters, where any deviations are considered to be the lack of professionalism of the stylist. Simply put, if I’m required to find a business dress for a TV presenter, I can’t bring her a sweatshirt and jeans, no matter how fashionable they are. When more creative photography happens, that is, with minimal stylistic limitations, the inspiration itself wakes up. Recently, I have been fascinated by the abstract pattern - thus giving my creative energy a splash. In general, when I collect shooting where I can create, I already have a lot of visual images that have emerged from what has been in my eyes lately. This and the last viewed films, visited exhibitions, read books, articles, magazine shots of colleagues - this is all mixed up with and inspires.

Do you try to reflect the trends or you do not pay attention to them, because the idea of ​​the shooting itself is important?

Trends themselves seep into my shoot, they cannot be avoided if only because all the clothes in the shops and showrooms correspond to these trends.Of course, I am very selective about the choice of certain trends; something that is in tune with my sense of beauty will necessarily be involved. In general, I believe that every stylist has his own handwriting, which generally does not change over the years, but from season to season it is slightly modified. Therefore, whatever is now on the wave of actuality, it is important to remain faithful to your feelings.

In general, what is the trend style now?

Now fashion allows you to be imperfect, to wear really ugly clothes and still be in trend.

What is definitely worth buying this spring?

Do you want to understand whether you are trending or not? You need to dress up, go out and look at the reaction of grandmothers and people in the subway. If everyone looks with surprise and even indignation - you are in trend, if you look at and touched with interest, then, most likely, the outfit turned out to be beautiful. The main purchases that will cause resentment among people not from the fashion world are likely to be huge ugly sneakers (see an example of such in the Balenciaga collection), super-slim glasses, and any clothes that do not fit. By the way, big jeans can be tied up with a lace instead of a belt, in the manner of Off-White. And also this is a belt bag, fashionable self-respecting dandies nowhere without this spring.

Alexander Wang, Spring-Summer 2018

Alexander Wang, Spring-Summer 2018

Off-White, Spring-Summer 2018

Off-White, Spring-Summer 2018

Balenciaga Sneakers

Balenciaga Sneakers (€ 550)

Zara glasses

Points Zara (1 599 rub.)

How to apply trends to your wardrobe, if you are an ordinary girl, not from the art sphere?

In the nearest mass market, take a few things with active prints (it is important that at least one or two colors on these prints are combined with each other), put it all on and understand whether you are comfortable in such an image or not. The mass market mentioned precisely because there it’s easiest to find all the super fashionable things at once and to arrange them together in order to understand whether they are going to you or not, and in which case everything can be easily returned to the store. If in everyday life there is no task to shock the public with their outfits, then a pleated skirt with a strip or with a metallic effect will be enough for everyone at work to understand who is in charge of fashion here.

Mango Pleated Skirt

Mango pleated skirt (3 999 rubles)

And about the textures that you can say? What should I look for?

You can bet on plastic and PVC, things from these materials have a characteristic glossy sheen. The most unusual and interesting, and most importantly, extremely relevant for our weather conditions thing - this is a plastic trench. The most fashionable is Calvin Klein, but in general any raincoat or windbreaker will not only help you survive the rainy season, but will also add a hundred points to your fashionable status.

Windbreaker Zara

Windbreaker Zara (2 999 rub.)

What do you have lifehacks that you learned from the techniques of professional stylists?

One of my favorite tricks in styling inexpensive clothes is to use interesting non-trivial accessories that can be used to “pull out” the most boring image. And they can be inexpensive (although, of course, the steeper the accessory, the better: the whole image will look more expensive).

When planning your wardrobe, I choose things in such a way that they are maximally combined with each other and there are no situations when something is not combined, for example, with outerwear. It seems to be okay: you go into the room, take off your coat, and everything will be fine - but on the street we also spend considerable time, and we can not pay attention to our street image.

And finally, another little life hacking: almost any thing will look more interesting if you gird it with a suitable strap.

What to wear in the spring? Interview with stylist Galya Maslennikova

Belt No. 21 (6 900 rub.)belt H & M (1 119 rub.

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