What to wear to the disco to be the most beautiful? (11 pictures)

This question torments every representative of the fair sex on the eve of fees for such an event, because you want to conquer all with its beauty and grace, always look stylish and modern, but at the same time will never be repeated in clothes and accessories.

Gentle and stylish

After all, as you know, constantly attend a disco or any party in the same, even the most fashionable attire, is considered a sign of bad taste.

If you are a fan of such nightlife, and what is not a day off - you have a party to the party, then, of course, it is difficult to wear a new dress every time, if only because it is quite expensive financially. However, everything is not so bad, you need to thoroughly study your closet, where you can definitely find a couple of forgotten, but quite good things.

The most important thing at a disco is to look bright, but at the same time always find a fine line, having crossed for which you can seem vulgar and tasteless.

The correct and skillful combination of things will always help you stay stylish, and your image will be appropriate at any party. By the way, it's always important to know exactly where you're going, because lately fashion has spread to themed parties, and you need to look at them in the most unpredictable way.

Night club accessories

Therefore, in order not to look like a “black sheep,” always know in advance what program is planned at the institution this time, so as not to be misled.

There is no definite formula and rules that oblige you to dress just like that, but not otherwise, but we can give a number of general recommendations that will help you, as best as possible get dressed for a disco or a nightclub party.

The most important and indisputable rule is that you should feel comfortable, so to speak, in your “plate”. If you've never worn a heel, and also do not know what a mini-skirt is and what it's eaten with, then putting it all on the club for the first time in your life may not be the best idea.

High heel for disco

You are unlikely to enjoy dancing on high and uncomfortable heels, and a mini-skirt will always cause some confusion and insecurity.

Such things need to start to wear gradually, and the disco is a place of entertainment, fun and dancing, so you need to feel free. In many ways, the outfit will depend on the sense with which you decided to visit such a night institution. If you are more likely to sit at a table, sip a cocktail and flirt with the opposite sex, then you can wear a short dress and high heels - you will still sit and communicate most of the evening.

Classical dress is quite suitable for a disco

But if the plans are dancing until the morning and erasing the soles on the dance floor, then the short mini is not friends here, but forget about your heels and forget, otherwise you will not be able to dance enough.

What can you wear to the disco?

If the party does not promise to be themed, and also you have decided on the purpose of your visit, then you can go to sort out your wardrobe.

It has long been known that at all times it was believed that a short cocktail dress was the best option, both for a night party and for meeting with friends, but dancing in such clothes, unfortunately, is not always convenient. But if you are a brave and confident girl, then this option is just for you.

Leggings for disco

It can have any color, but remember that a nightclub is a place where you can wear something that you cannot wear in a familiar setting. Now we are talking about various shimmering and sparkling fabrics, in such a dress you will not get lost against the background of a general crowd.

The dress is fully embroidered with sequins or partially decorated with rhinestones, stones and iridescent spraying are all great disco options, but remember that these things are only suitable for nightclubs, with friends for lunch or an important meeting in this do not go.

Stylish image

Open backs and deep cleavage are appropriate in discos, but do not forget about the sense of proportion, it must always be present so as not to look vulgar and vulgar.

Naturally, such dresses and outfits are always complemented by high-heeled shoes or boots. Another win-win disco option - narrow trendy jeans and a tank top.

Convenient and unusual

Remember that only modern and, preferably, narrow versions of pants are suitable for the disco, which, incidentally, can be even leggings, the main thing is to remember the rules of their socks with T-shirts, the latter should be slightly elongated.

In order that the image does not look boring, it must be supplemented with fashionable shoes and bright accessories that are well suited for a disco.Under jeans you can easily wear sandals at a low speed, as long as they are bright and catchy.

Amazing dress

If the style of the trousers is narrowed, then ballet flats that are now popular, decorated with spikes or rhinestones, will look great. Heels are the favorites of girls in such places, so only you can decide what you will feel more comfortable with.

Another great disco option is a beautiful jumpsuit. Such a thing is completely independent, it looks original and very feminine, the main thing is to pick it up correctly on the figure, because the jumpsuit, like any other thing, is able to both decorate the figure and completely spoil it.

At the disco you can walk not only in a dress

Another win-win option is a medium-length skirt and a beautiful blouse, the main thing to remember is the principle: if the skirt is monophonic, then the upper part can be quite variegated and bright.

But if the skirt itself combines several colors, then the upper part should be worn more modest so as not to look like a traffic light. It is clear that at the party you want to look brighter than anyone, but this does not mean at all that you need to put on yourself all the most colorful little things available, everything should be in moderation.

Rhinestones and packs are appropriate in the club

As for make-up and hairstyles, for a nightclub party, of course, it is permissible to allow evening make-up and rather unusual decisions regarding hair.

But again - remember about the line - it is better to go not made up at all, than to be like a raccoon or a gothic young lady with dark circles under the eyes from leaked carcass or liner.

After all, active dances until the morning are unlikely to contribute to a neat make-up, and if you are not sure about the quality of your cosmetics, then you need to be careful with this process.

Ideally suitable for night parties, well-known to many, smoky eyes, neat black arrows will look good, do not overdo it with tonal means and powder.

Strict and stylish

A person, sweating from constant dances, can turn into untidy and untidy, the foundation will roll down and begin to descend, such a spectacle is clearly not to anyone's liking. The hairstyle should be comfortable for you - rabid bouffant or curls, because of which you sat half a day on hair curlers - not the best option. The main thing - it is clean hair, neatly arranged or collected in an elegant tail.

What can not be put on a disco?

Under no pretext, do not wear long dresses and long skirts for dancing - such an image will not be appropriate in such an institution, and a huge crowd of people will always try to leave you without a hem. Strict office and business suits - also not a disco version, only, of course, if it does not require the very theme of the meeting.

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