What vitamins do the male body need?

The male body, of course, is stronger and stronger than the female one, but it also requires certain nutrients. And what vitamins are needed for strong male health?

What vitamins are necessary for men?

There are many vitamins. Some of them help to strengthen health, others influence the work of the reproductive system, while others help to normalize the potency. And for the whole organism to function properly and without interruptions, it is important to ensure the supply of all that is necessary. Below we will tell you about which vitamins are the most important, and for what they are needed.

The doctor will advise a good complex

Vitamins for good health and beauty

What vitamins do you need to use for the stronger sex in order to strengthen your health and improve your appearance?

  • Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is very important and necessary for both men and women. First, it is necessary for immunity. Secondly, vitamin C contributes to strengthening the walls of blood vessels and giving them elasticity, which helps prevent the development of atherosclerosis.And if you consider that few of men monitor health, in particular, the work of the cardiovascular system, then such a vitamin is extremely necessary. Get ascorbic acid from citrus fruits, greens, green vegetables and some berries.
  • Vitamin N is not so well known, but still it is necessary for almost all men. The fact is that such a vitamin helps to restore the liver, cleanses it of toxins, and also weakens the detrimental effect on this organ of alcohol. But many representatives of the strong half of humanity periodically consume alcohol, fried, as well as semi-finished products and fast food. Everything listed for the liver is very, very harmful. Vitamin N is found in the liver, mushrooms, brown rice, cereal, liver and heart, as well as in cereals and leaf lettuce.
  • Few men monitor their appearance, and yet they notice some changes. For example, more than half of the representatives of the stronger sex are afraid of baldness. To prevent this, you need to use vitamin H, which helps to improve the condition of nails, hair and skin. This vitamin is involved in the transport of sulfur, and sulfur is involved in the renewal of hair cells and strengthen the bulbs.To replenish the supplies of vitamin H, you need to eat foods such as: boiled eggs, spinach, ceps, lamb, beef, sour-milk products, and cabbage.
  • Vitamin D, firstly, promotes the proper absorption of calcium and strengthening of bones, and secondly, it takes an active part in the work of the immune system and promotes the formation of immune cells. This vitamin is contained in dairy and dairy products, eggs, fish eggs, fish oil.
  • Vitamin E prevents premature aging, strengthens tissues and cells, improves blood composition and blood circulation, and also reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood. This vitamin is found in nuts, some cereal products, as well as in most natural vegetable oils.
  • The vitamins of group B are also very important and necessary for the male body. First, they take an active part in some metabolic processes, secondly, protect the liver from negative effects; thirdly, they normalize the functioning of the nervous system. But the most important thing for men is the ability of such vitamins to distribute proteins into all tissues that are necessary for all cells and allow building muscle mass.Vitamins of group B are contained in buckwheat, potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, tomatoes, meat, fish, and also in sweet cherry.
  • Vitamin A protects the male body from attacks of viruses and bacteria, and also allows you to stay young longer by improving the state of tissues and cells and prevents the development of cancer. In addition, with a deficiency, visual acuity can be significantly reduced. You can get this vitamin from melon, apricots, milk, carrots, meat and fish, as well as from sour cream.

Vitamins for conception

More fruit

What vitamins are especially useful for men when planning pregnancy?

  • Vitamin E. It improves the blood supply to all important organs of the reproductive system, due to which it begins to function much better. In addition, this vitamin contributes to the timely renewal of the epithelial layer of the seminiferous tubules, along which the seminal fluid advances, and stimulates the function of the sex glands. In addition, with regular use of tocopherol, the viability of sperm cells increases significantly and, therefore, the quality of sperm improves.
  • Vitamin B9. Folic acid can increase the chances of successful conception,as it improves sperm quality. In addition, this vitamin takes a very active part in the formation of genetic material. And, you can significantly reduce the risk of genetic abnormalities.

Vitamins that increase potency

Do not forget about vegetables

Vitamins for potency are also extremely important, because without them, sex life will noticeably deteriorate:

  • Vitamin D normalizes an erection and helps to cope with such a problem as early ejaculation. In general, such a vitamin is very useful for potency.
  • Vitamin A stimulates the production of the most important male hormone - testosterone. This hormone is responsible for sexual desire and erection.
  • Vitamin E is also important. With its shortage in the body of a man, a smaller amount of sex hormones begins to be produced, which negatively affects the functioning of the reproductive system.

What vitamin complex to choose?


The best way to get vitamins is to take special vitamin preparations. Of course, it is also necessary to eat right, but vitamin complexes will help to fill the deficit. And which ones are the best and most effective?

  1. "Duovit". It contains everything you need, and in the required doses.
  2. "Alphabet".It also has everything you need. A distinctive feature of this drug is the division of vitamins, microelements and minerals into groups. The fact is that some vitamins interfere with the absorption of others, and some can only be absorbed together. Such features are taken into account, so the complex is effective.
  3. Oligovit is also a fairly effective drug.
  4. "Selmevit". It contains not only vitamins and minerals, but also essential amino acids.
  5. "Vitiron Suskaps". The drug is available in a special form of capsules with liquid soluble content, which allows the components to be fully absorbed.
  6. Orange Triad Controlled Labs. Such a complex not only helps to strengthen men's health, but is also perfect for active men and those who play sports.

What should men give up?

And what can not eat men? Here are some products that are banned:

  • Sweets. If the blood sugar level goes off scale, then testosterone will begin to be produced in minimal quantities.
  • Meat semi-finished products of industrial production. They are often "stuffed" with hormones that can negatively affect the potency and quality of sperm.
  • Beer.It contains natural female sex hormones.
  • Fast food and margarine contain trans fats that can cause gene mutations and hormonal disorders.
  • Fatty food adversely affects health.
  • Excess salt can reduce testosterone production.
  • Soybean also contains phytoestrogens.
  • Caffeine in excess can destroy the testosterone produced.
  • Alcohol affects both the potency and the quality of sperm.

Let all the important vitamins necessarily present in the diet of men!

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