What vitamins for pregnant women need

When a pregnant woman receives prescriptions from her leading doctor to take a vitamin complex, she may be faced with a difficult choice, since today domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a wide range of these products. You should know that the choice of vitamins should occur in accordance with two main criteria.

Complexes without iodine

The content of microelements and vitamins in a certain complex is different, and the body's response to these components may be unpredictable. The most common and positive is the vitamin group Pregnavit. It has an extensive content of vitamins, but it excludes such an element as iodine and some of the necessary trace elements.
The drug Elevit is also considered an excellent means of supplying the body of the future baby and mother with necessary vitamins. However, this complex contains an increased amount of magnesium, which may have a backlash on the substance. Moreover, in this complex, as in the previous one, there is no iodine.

Iodine-containing complexes

Three of the leaders of vitamin complexes concluded drug Alphabet. In composition, it is very extensive. Its main difference from the rest is that this product contains different elements and vitamins, which are made in the form of multi-colored tablets. This allows a pregnant woman to divide the intake of substances in time, since different pills can conflict with each other. In addition, this approach allows the lady to give up those substances for which she has an allergic reaction. In addition, this product finally contains iodine, which is clearly considered one of its advantages.
It should also be said that in addition to the above, there are a number of vitamin preparations, only with narrowly targeted effects. For example, Vitrum Prenatal vitamin remedy, which has a high content of iron, which is very valuable for future moms suffering from anemia. And also it should be noted the presence in the composition of this complex of folic acid.
Vitamins Complevit Mom for pregnant women, who are often prescribed by the doctor to maintain the body of the mother and baby with iodine and vitamins, is also worth noting in the list of recommended drugs.
It is necessary to allocate and Centrum Materna, one of the few drugs that contain iodine and folic acid together. Although the complex has a meager dose of vitamins A and B. Therefore, before taking vitamin complexes, even prescribed by a doctor, you need to make sure with the specialist what exactly a pregnant woman needs and what she is deficient in.

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