What women want absolutely everything?

What makes a woman not just attractive to like or write her a message on a dating site, but truly desirable, the one that does not go out of her head, even when you are surrounded by a dozen others? No matter how strange it may sound, but all men want women, who clearly demonstrate to them that they would have existed in this world perfectly if the male gender simply took and disappeared from the face of the Earth. Here are 8 qualities of a girl, for whom false eyelashes, tight dresses and culinary skills are definitely not the meaning of life, and this makes it even more interesting for men to “hunt” them.


There is nothing sexier than a girl who feels comfortable in her body and catches an unimaginable thrill from herself. An intelligent man is fascinated by this self-confidence, because he understands that he will not be able to dominate this woman simply with his banal presence or will not be able to dominate at all, and the game becomes harder and more exciting.

What women want absolutely everything?

Not believing in princes

Nowadays, being too romantic and waiting for a flower and a sentence on one knee is terribly old-fashioned. However, just like suffering and sacrificing yourself for the sake of love, because you allegedly connected fate. Men love science fiction in the cinema, but in life they prefer a light comedy, where the main character is not tied by shackles with the inscription "I will die for you" to the bed.


Rule number 1: she knows that household trivia does not deserve to spoil the evening. Rule number 2: she knows that in life there is time for serious matters, and for little madness (and she has something to offer on the subject of the latter). Rule number 3: she knows the difference between a girl and a mother, and chose a man not for upbringing, but for enjoying life.

What women want absolutely everything?


The whole world is talking about money: the chief on the meeting, an answering machine in reference, the radio in the car, the announcer on TV, the neighbor on the bench ... makes you want it in the same way as a pizza from a delivery service, - ordered, ate, and then after 5 minutes he promised himself that next time you cook yourself better at home.

Calm and easy going

Calmness is generally as if only about women-yogis - they sit in the lotus position while the other women rush around the kitchen, choosing words for a heated dispute on the topic of relationships. Drama and dialogue on high tones are good when you watch them on the theater balcony in soft chairs, and not when you arrange them yourself in the middle of the queue at the box office.

What women want absolutely everything?

Passionate about

A person who has an affair excites an interest regardless of gender, and in the case of women, the fact of having some kind of occupation on which she can concentrate all-consumingly, also says that she has where to invest strength, where “Recharge” with energy in order not to bring a painful dissatisfaction with one’s own life to bed.


A girl is drowning without the “saving circle” of male attention, or a girl is the driver of her own yacht: what excites more? Today, the choice of partners is so great that, at the very least, everyone wants to be nannies and lifeguards of other people's lives, forging someone's emotional background and solving problems that they cannot even understand. Independence attracts comfort and safety,like a new car from the passenger compartment, the addiction is scary, because it’s like a trailer with a dangerous load, the contents of which you don’t know.

What women want absolutely everything?

Without complexes

It is difficult to touch her, and even harder to offend, because your opinion does not mean anything special since she knows everything about herself. Joke as much as you want, and she will wait and make fun of you. She is aware of her habits and weaknesses, so it’s not for you to tell her how often a woman should cook and why she doesn’t have muscles. Such harmony with itself attracts and promises that if a woman is so good with herself, then a man with her will be fine.

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