What you should not tell your man about

Not so long ago, I accidentally got into a stupid training - a friend dragged; He was called “Why I am smart, but I live like a fool”, and a man led him. I then liked only one phrase that, as long as we tell men the truth, we will remain honest and lonely. The rest seemed to me like a delirium of a pompous turkey who does not respect his listeners, and considers that his only mission is to earn money on poor people who have already despaired of finding a prince.

So, as they say, there must be some kind of mystery in a woman, otherwise you, as a read book, will quickly annoy your man to the teeth of a toothbrush and he will urgently need a new entertainment portal.

So, here are a few topics that are not worth discussing with a man.

Theme one: the former

Unconditional taboo - no revelations about the former, their number and actions, which these knights did for you. For example, "But Bob because I was throwing everything and rushed to help me, and you-s-s ..." or "My first was a very gentle, he read poetry to me and howled at the moon, and you-N- s ... "

Theme Two: His Mom

In no case do not discuss his relatives, especially mom.It only seems to you that he is completely on your side and he can say something like: “Your mother has a funny headdress” or “She cooks borscht terribly”. ” In fact, all these phrases will be recorded in the book of your cons, and then will result in a scandal.

What you should not tell your man about

Subject Three: Other Men

You should not tell him what kind of men males, weaklings and scoundrels. For example, a friend leaves her husband, and you cover this topic at home for dinner with emotionality and pain for a friend. Leaves, sympathizes with your girlfriend, and he will think that you will say the same about him.

Theme Four: Girlish Joys

Your partner - the average Russian guy - does not want to know about sales, novelties of cosmetics and gossip. Do not ship him with extra information, he has his own, otherwise he will start telling you about new chips on the car or in his favorite game.

Subject Five: compliments

In no case can you praise other men in his presence - the complexes are not asleep, and one day you will understand when they announce that he has found a girl who accepts him for what he is.

What you should not tell your man about

Subject six: sores

Do not scare him with terms from female gynecology and the state of your health, if, of course, it is not a matter of life and death.Features of the process of childbirth and other intimate details like your deficiencies in the form of excess weight and cellulite, most men straining and stupid. There are, of course, exceptions, but it is better not to risk at first.

The theme of the seventh, the last and the main, which most affects our interests: income

Do not measure with him anything, especially the level of salaries. Ideally, make your man sure that you only earn money on your cosmetics, and the rest is his concern. I know, now many guys are kindled with righteous anger about this item. But so many women in our country consider and remain silent, afraid to run into criticism and accusations of commercialism.

So, girls, despite the stereotype that has developed over the centuries that a woman loves with ears, in practice everything turns out quite the opposite. The strong sex wants to hear how beautiful it is and wants to weed out the extra information. This does not mean that we should lie, we just need to spare the male psyche and not spread the extra details, if you are not asked about it. And even if asked, think about the consequences.

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