When it is worth suffering, and when - in no case

Negative patience

Who among us at least once in his life has not come across a man like “homo sapiens complaining”, who is always out of sorts, constantly annoyed and dissatisfied with everyone? Such a person sincerely believes that everyone dreams to offend him, stick in the wheel of life and stick on the hump to ride. We left the company to rest on nature - there are only mosquitoes, finally the sun came out - again it was dushoven, there was nothing to breathe. And in the cold, he will definitely miss the heat, and in the heat - to get cold from the air conditioner. In fact, such a person is dissatisfied with everything: a terrible job, a stern boss, high prices and even cheerful neighbors, because they make a fuss when he, a poor fellow, is bored alone. Such individuals do not live, but tolerate life, finding, as opposed to optimists, not arguments in favor of the fact that life is beautiful, but counterarguments why it cannot be a priori good.

When it is worth suffering, and when - in no case

Instead of one day, take a grip and change the situation: for example,change jobs, get away from her husband, who is tyrannical, start playing sports, take a chance and try anything, the whiner prefers to “endure”, throwing out the surrounding mixture of such ingredients as resentment, tales of a difficult fate and personal burden. Perhaps the only joy in the life of such an under-hero is an unexpected encounter with an equally tolerant whiner, with whom you can obmusolit and grind their troubles and come to a general consensus that suffering is inevitable, and people are unfair. Especially if these “detractors” offer a way out of the situation in the form of, for example, a change of partner or work.

Neutral patience

If we imagine that a donut hole really exists, then people who prefer to act in accordance with the neutrality rules in life are those very holes. Their life is a stream of the subjunctive mood, stuffed with the duty phrases "If I ...", and also in the appendage justification beliefs "I just do not know how", "I have to." Of course, to a greater extent they assure themselves, rather than others, why they are inactive, waiting for the weather at the sea, or really endure where it is out of place and out of topic.Changing lifestyles for people with tacos, getting out of the usual comfort zone, expanding the space or social circle is like death for them. They are independently capable of infringing upon themselves, clamping down, and sometimes even “violent” encouragement and general agreement are not always capable of provoking the first step towards positive changes.

Indecision here can border on pseudo-compulsion. Some individuals suffer in silence, that if they were smarter, slimmer, more beautiful, they would have been noticed, noted and life has finally become a paradise. The latter are forced to endure a longtime unloved husband because of common children and stereotypical thinking. Still others never decide to try: to perform on stage, give a speech, jump with a parachute, or ask for salary increases — and they remain all their lives living in the shadows, in fear and in the silent tacit patience of their own fate.

Positive patience

And only people-plus signs and stars know the true secret of positive patience, which is always in place, always on time and always just for good. In fact, this only right kind of patience can be compared with diplomatic, because it forces a person to change only for the better, respect the feelings of other people and emphasizes the exceptional wisdom of its owner.For example, it is believed that an intelligent person is not obliged to be one hundred percent truthful, otherwise he may hurt his loved ones and loved ones, and the art of tact sometimes is the ability to remain silent in time, rather than blurt out in the face in hard form all you think. “I cannot be silent, because I always speak the truth” - the position is not always relevant, not always strong, but often painful and painful, especially when it comes to emotions and feelings of others.

When it is worth suffering, and when - in no case

Patience in the black allows you to achieve amazingly positive results for a person, because it teaches you to control your negative emotions or desires in the form of a desire to yell, to release anger, to quarrel over irritating little things, to hit when done. Again, only a strong personality is able to control himself if he knows that the result will exceed expectations.

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