When should the seller vacate the apartment?

When selling property for the first time, many of us face many problems and questions. When should the seller vacate the apartment? When should it be removed from the register? What is the risk of delaying the transfer of housing to the new owner?

Before buying a property, few people think about these issues, as without this kind of transaction, they take a lot of time and effort. Meanwhile, precisely because of the untimely release of the living space by the previous owners, many conflicts and problems arise.

So that after the conclusion of the transaction there are no problems, it is important to know that in different situations, real estate is released at different times. This can be immediately after receiving a certificate of ownership and a few months after that. Often it depends on the agreement between the seller and the buyer, as in the case of renting apartments for rent in Tomsk, when the timeline for the release of housing is discussed in advance and clearly stated in the rental agreement.Of course, every buyer dreams that the previous tenants left the apartment they bought as soon as possible. However, this does not affect the development of the situation. Since the vast majority of transactions, the alternative.

It happens that the property at the time of sale is valid and free, and no one lives there, but the contract still indicates that the previous owners are required to vacate the living space within two weeks. For various reasons, the former tenants can not leave either after signing the contract of sale, or after receiving the documents. In this case, both parties agree on the date of the transfer of housing to the new owner. It is best if the maximum period for the release of housing will be specified in the contract, as when renting an apartment in Tomsk with a renovated European rent.

The release of alternative apartments is a completely different matter. When not one or even two apartments are involved in a transaction, it is very difficult to predict anything. At the same time, buyers of the most difficult apartment can insist on not clear terms of its release, it is impossible to agree to such conditions, since in this case the former tenants can vacate the apartment indefinitely, and where another contractor will live at that time, it is not clear.It is best in this case to indicate in the contract a specific date, not later than which, the apartment should be transferred to the new owner.

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