When will include heating in 2016 in different regions of Russia. In which month and at what temperature it is customary to turn on the heating in Moscow and St. Petersburg

OS-001The closer winter colds become, the more often a question arises in society when they turn on heating in 2016 in Russia and in which month this significant event will happen. After all, nobody wants to freeze in their apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in other settlements of a huge state. Some citizens belonging to a pessimistic population, without waiting for the start of the heating season, try to find out at what particular temperature of the air in the houses it will become warmer and where to complain if it's chilly in the street and the batteries have not been turned on.Federal authorities do not hide the information, but they always say that the time frame for each region will be calculated individually, depending on weather conditions and indicators of the mercury column.

When will include heating in 2016 in Russia

There is no exact date indicating when the heating will be turned on in 2016 in Russia everywhere. In different federal districts, the beginning of the heating season is regulated by local authorities. As a rule, the start date of the hot battery season is determined based on the weather situation. In the southern parts of the Russian Federation, where the pleasant, warm weather lasts much longer, heating is included much later than in the northern, north-western and northeastern regions, where in the beginning of autumn it can be noticeably cold and uncomfortable under the hour.


To ensure that the heat supply does not fail for some reason, the heating season is carefully prepared from the very beginning of the summer. Relevant services develop a special program of several steps, which are then strictly followed.

  1. At the first stage, a special commission is created, consisting of representatives of sectoral organizations and employees of executive structures.The task of this association of professionals is to control the process of preparing the heating networks for the season and oversee the implementation of the planned work on the maintenance of facilities (boiler houses, feed companies, resource suppliers, etc.).
  2. At the second stage, the schedule of all necessary repairs, including capital, is approved. In addition, it includes a preliminary, trial launch of the entire system, called verification, and also determines the date of the main start.
  3. At the third stage, the total estimate of repair work is prepared and approved. Typically, this document includes a complete list of all objects in need of partial or complete repair, and also calculates the total cost of all necessary work.

When all the stages have been completed, and the necessary documentation has been endorsed by the signatures of the responsible persons, the repair brigades proceed to the implementation of the planned tasks.

At what temperature include heating in apartments and houses


+8 ° C - at what daily average temperature is usually included heating in apartments and houses. However, a small but very important clarification should be added.Batteries will be hot only if the thermometer does not rise above + 8 ° C for at least five days. If the temperature lasts two or three days, then rises, even if only by 1 degree, and then drops again, the countdown will have to start all over again. Therefore, it is worth counting on the launch of a common heating system for residents of apartment buildings only if there are no more than +8 ° C recorded on the street for 5 days. This nuance often delays the beginning of the heating season, as in many regions autumn is not stable, and the weather often “jumps” from very warm to damp and frosty. This is especially felt by the southern regions, where it is still quite warm in time until almost mid-autumn, but northern cyclones, which often lower the temperature, often fly. But the cold lasts a couple of days, which is not enough to activate the heating system. So the Southerners have to freeze and wrap themselves up in warm clothes, while the northerners and residents of the western part of the country are already enjoying the hot batteries and comfortable warmth in their homes.

In which month include heating in Russia - overview by region


In which month to turn on heating in different regions of Russia, decides the local executive power. Officials are guided by the weather conditions peculiar to their area, and on this basis they confirm the dates of the beginning and end of the heating season.

  1. Moscow and St. Petersburg.Residents of the capital and North Palmyra should expect warm batteries in homes only when within 5 days the thermometers will show no more than + 8 ° C. Typically, such a temperature regime in St. Petersburg occurs in the first decade, and in Moscow in the middle of October. At first they warm the social institutions (kindergartens, schools, hospitals and polyclinics), and only then they give heat to residential buildings.
  2. Kirov.In this region, already from the middle of summer, the heating system is being prepared for the upcoming cold season. Usually, the entire heating process is carried out in two stages: from September 1, they begin to heat in general educational and social institutions, and from September 17, heat is supplied to residential buildings and other buildings connected to the central heating system.
  3. Nizhny Novgorod.The authorities of this region take a very responsible approach to the preparation of the heating season and in large quantities procure the resources necessary for the supply of heat.Almost half of the wood and coal is intended for heating sports complexes and educational institutions. The heating system, as a rule, is started from September 1, and the preparatory work has been actively carried out since June 1.
  4. Udmurtia.In this area there are no clear deadlines for the start of the heating season. Heat is supplied as soon as the temperature stays below generally accepted standards for 5 days. The heating system is constantly being reconstructed, new heating facilities are put into operation and the work of the already existing heating complexes is improved.

Not included heating - where to complain and to whom


After finding out exactly when the heating will be turned on in 2016, many citizens at the same time find out where to complain if the weather is stable and cold, and the batteries remain icy. The easiest option is to contact the heat supply company by phone and ask the dispatcher why the heating has not yet been turned on. If the reason is not in some force majeure situation (an accident, a breakthrough on the line, etc.), and public utilities just deliberately delayed with the supply of heat, you will have to contact the higher organizations and report that the apartments are still cold.In Moscow and St. Petersburg, such issues are resolved, as a rule, fairly quickly, but in the outback, sometimes it is necessary to remind several times the specialized services, in which month and at what temperature of the air they are obliged to begin to sink. Very effectively on public utilities acts publicity. After contacting television or in the media, the batteries almost instantly become hot and in the houses it becomes cozy and comfortable.

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