When will the clock be set to summer time in 2015

When will the clock be set to summer time in 2015Does the watch translate in 2015 to summer time

It is known that in October 2014, Russia adopted a constant winter (belt) time, and before that, from 2011 to 2014, summer time was always active. Until 2011, residents of Russia lived in “seasonal” time, which meant switching the clock “back and forth” twice a year.

Interesting fact! The Mission Control Center in Russia never translates time - it always works in Moscow’s winter time.

Nowadays, many people are concerned about the question: will there be a daylight saving time in Russia in 2015, when will the clocks, how many and for how long? It is already accurate and with confidence that it can be asserted that in our country there will not be a transition to summer time in 2015. However, no one can guarantee that time will remain forever winter: no one has yet canceled the love of lawmakers for change.

Thus, remember that there will be no daylight saving time in 2015.


How and when to transfer watches

For the first time in world history, watches were transferred to the UK. And it happened in 1907. This tradition came to Russia in 1981, when it was first converted to summer time, although "timid" attempts to carry out a "time reform" have been known in our country since 1917. Why do we translate the clock in the summer? Many people say that by changing the course of time, we lengthen the daylight time by one hour, thanks to which electricity is consumed in an economical mode, since most of us turn on the lighting in rooms an hour later. And in winter, the clock hands move back an hour so that we can sleep more and do not leave our warm beds before sunrise, which, according to doctors, is quite unfavorable for the body.

Curious! In some countries they never translate clocks. Reason: religious dogma. For example, in Japan and China they consider that “the game with time is not within the competence of a person”.

When will the clock be set to summer time in 2015
Usually, the clock hands are rearranged twice a year. Summer time is set on the last Sunday in April, and winter time on the last Sunday in October. What time do the arrows switch? It happens at 3 o'clock, that is, at night, so it is recommended to transfer the clock before bedtime, that is, on Saturday evening.

Do not worry about your modern bad habits.They are so "smart" that they do not need a mechanical transfer of watches, this happens automatically without the intervention of their owners.

Interesting! Where to translate the clock: the name of the season of the year in which it occurs tells us forward or back. "Spring" - "forward" for one hour, "Autumn" - for an hour "back."

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