Where is the fuel filter on the "Lanos"

It is recommended to change the fuel filter no less than after 10 thousand kilometers, or after a year of operation (this is indicated in the Lanos manual). However, the need for replacement may arise earlier; for example, if you are repairing the fuel system or you are “lucky” to refuel at a dubious gas station. In addition, experienced car owners, given the Russian reality in terms of gasoline quality, recommend changing the filter altogether after 5-6 thousand kilometers. The usual "symptoms", which indicate the need to replace the filter, manifest themselves in the form of jerks at the exit of the site, or loss of power when trying to give a sharp gas.

How to choose a fuel filter

It is worth noting that in recent times a lot of fakes; filter element is very popular. Therefore, it is desirable to purchase products of well-known manufacturers, such as, for example, Motorcraft, Fram, ACDelco, Bosh, GM, Chempion, Genuine. On the packaging of proven manufacturers should be a hologram.Cost, depending on the manufacturer, may be in the range of 132 rubles (Korean DJ) to 882 (Genuine).

Replacing the fuel filter in the "Lanos"

The filter is located in the engine compartment, near the vacuum brake booster. The first thing to do is to reduce the pressure in the fuel system. To do this, turn off the engine, turn off the ignition and disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Now you need to open the fuse box cover; You need to find the relay number 30 and pull it out. As a result, the fuel pump will be disconnected from the power source. Connect the battery, start the engine and wait until it stalls (it takes no more than 3-8 minutes by the time). Then you can turn off the ignition and disconnect the "minus" from the battery. If your car was parked for a long time - 3-4 hours, then the operation to reduce the pressure in the fuel system can be omitted; it will fall to zero anyway.
In the next step, squeeze the filter retainers to disconnect the fuel outlet pipe. Do the same with the inlet pipe (it is located on the opposite side of the filter).Further, applying a certain effort, remove the filter. When installing a new element, make sure that the arrow on the body coincides with the direction of fuel movement. Then start the engine and check for gas leaks at the junctions of the fuel lines and the filter.

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