Where to buy fuel pumps?

I have a small business selling auto parts. I want to buy for sale more fuel pumps for racing cars, in recent years, many are interested in them. Who can tell where they can be bought in Kazakhstan?
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Answered on February 22 14:06
All parts and accessories for racing cars are not very cheap, so be prepared to invest in a decent amount of business. Maybe you first try to take such a product under the order?
Answered on February 22, 14:11
In order for your business to have regular customers and always have new ones, you need to trade only high-quality goods. Choose a famous global brand that has everything for racing cars. Pay attention to the fuel pumps in this store. Usually in online stores it is cheaper, and the choice is more, and you can always find a quality product.
Answered on February 22, 14:16
Racing on the track is quite expensive, and sports car owners are willing to invest a decent amount in it.In our city, and nearby, there are no such racetracks, and I myself would love to look at such competitions.

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