Where to celebrate the New Year - 2017 like in a fairy tale?

To run away on New Year's holidays away from winter in a hot summer with a beach and palm trees or at least warm sunny days and green parks is not a bad idea, only in the absence of snow the main holiday of the year is somehow fake. And what if you do not make escapes to a different climatic zone, but, on the contrary, look for places where winter is the same as it was described in children's fairy tales, and holidays create an atmosphere of general fun on the streets. For those who are ready at the end of December not just to stay in the winter, and even dive even deeper into it, we have gathered several spectacular routes - with ski resorts, Christmas markets, open-air hot springs and even ice hotels.

Munich, Germany

Even if you were already in Europe at Christmas, then if it was not Munich, consider that you did not feel the festive atmosphere. At the end of December, everything is beautiful in this town: starting with the festive market in the central square of Marienplatz,which will soon be 400 years old, with mulled wine, gingerbread, apples in the glaze and originally decorated with light bulbs royal palaces, and ending with local sales of everything in the world at every corner. If you manage to find an economical option, try to book yourself for holiday dates a hotel with an indoor pool or sauna (there are a lot of them in the city) to relax after long walks around the city. And dine not in restaurants, but directly in the central market, because in order to try all the local goodies, you just need about a week.

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