Where to go in Ufa?

Ufa is a beautiful modern city. There are many different places in it that every tourist or resident of Ufa must visit. If you do not know where to go in Ufa, where to walk and what sights to visit, feel free to read this article. We will also tell you about the educational institutions of the city of Ufa.

Ufa Restaurants

If you like to sit down culturally and want to eat, go to the restaurant “The first summer club”, which operates around the clock and is located at the Upper Trade Square. Or, take your soul mate to the Khazar restaurant, which is located at the beginning of Chudinov Street. Do you like to sing karaoke or smoke hookah? Visit the hookah karaoke "Lido" on Mendeleev Street. Fans of Japanese cuisine will appreciate the restaurant "Yaponika", which is located on Kommunisticheskaya street. There are many restaurants in Ufa, it makes no sense to list them all in this article. Find a website that has a full list of restaurants in the city of Ufa with a description, photos and full addresses. We are sure that in this way you can find interesting places where you can go yourself, with friends or with your soulmate.

Theaters of the city

The first theatrical performances in Ufa were organized back in 1772. Now the city boasts as many as six state-run theaters and two private ones.

Ufa State Theaters:

  • The State Theater of Ballet and Opera, which you will find at: ul. Lenin 5/1;
  • The Russian Drama Theater of Bashkortostan, located at the address: 79, October Prospect;
  • Bashkir Puppet Theater, which is located on October Ave., 158;
  • National Youth Theater. Mustai Karim, which you will find on Lenin Street, 62;
  • Academic Drama Theater. Mazhita Gafuri on the street Zaki Validi, 34;
  • Ufa Tatar Theater "Nur", st. Fifty years of the USSR, 36.

Private theaters in Ufa:

  • Ufa classical theater of all genres: st. Karl Marx, 5.
  • Alternative Theater "Perspective": st. May Day, 14.

Here is a complete list of theaters in the city of Ufa. Where to go with the child? Be sure to visit the puppet theater. Surely your kid will love the modern, interesting production. If there are no children with you, first of all go to the state theater of ballet and opera.

Cinemas of the city

As for cinemas, in the city of Ufa there are about ten of them.Among them is also a children's cinema “Smena”, where you can go with your child.

Museums and attractions

The city has more than fifteen museums. Among them - the famous Bashkir State Art Museum. Nesterova, Museum of Ethnography and Archeology, as well as the National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Do not forget to take a walk in the Kashkadan Recreation Park, visit the Aksakov Culture and Recreation Garden, enjoy the peace and tranquility in the Yakutov Recreation Park. Take a camera with you and visit the beautiful fountain “Sell everything, buy kurai” and the fountain located at the Congress Hall.

We hope that now you imagine where to go in Ufa and where to spend your free time.

Where to go to study in Ufa

In Ufa, many higher institutions, where you can go to study. The most important can be considered the Bashkir State University and the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, as well as the Academy of Economics and Service. It all depends on who you want to become. Indeed, in Ufa about ten universities. And most of them have a very high rating.In high schools of Ufa, very qualified scientists teach. Choose your course of study, do not be lazy to go through all the universities and learn the conditions of admission. Having been in each of them, you can form your opinion about these universities and choose the most suitable ones.

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