Where to order a mobile stand?

The image of a new brand, brand or company should be presented to the general public at a profit, so that people become interested, understand the essence of the advertised and want to purchase a new product or use the services provided. For this marketing uses a variety of methods and tools that can be applied separately or together. If you are organizing a promotion, promotion or presentation, you can not do without a good mobile booths. You can order them, as well as other promotional materials and high-quality services at the Can Look agency of visual communications.

CAN LOOK is a direct distributor, as well as a representative of leading European companies that create mobile stands, so customers of the company receive high-quality products at an affordable cost. Here you can also order other promotional materials that the company manufactures in a short time on modern industrial equipment.

What are mobile booths used for?

Mobile stands are actively used in various situations and perform different functions. Certain features can be distinguished depending on the scope of their application.

Forums, conferences, presentations, lectures

Designs can be used both standard and original. Compact and attractive, they can be placed in various places of the event. Such materials have a high visibility and functionality: they can be easily transferred from place to place, photo panels can be changed in them, arranged in different composition rows. These mobile structures at such events to the maximum perform an informative and attractive function, which allows significant savings on advertising.


Promotions can take up little space on the trading floor, so the promotional materials used should attract the maximum attention: be bright, visible, carry the main information and a powerful emotional charge. The size should be such that the stand can easily be placed in a small place. Such structures are easy to transport, assemble and dismantle, use autonomously.

Sales Representatives and Field Sessions

For such stands, an informative and vivid background is important in order to profitably present services and products. Convenient to use, they should be easy to deploy and assemble. Such stands contain a minimum of main information: photos of goods, their advantages and distinctive features, sales schedules. These materials help to more effectively carry out the presentation and fix the attention of customers on the main thing, which allows to increase sales. Simple and practical, they are usually inexpensive.


The customer saves money well, since the use of stands for exhibitions has already paid off from the third event. Mobile stands are used: they are very compact, easy and convenient for transportation. They can be arranged and combined in different ways, creating comfortable and attractive compositions. Such stands are well complemented showrooms, halls and exhibition halls.

Stands are one of the most convenient means for presenting information of various kinds. Indispensable for public events, they are able to perform the advertising or presentation function to the maximum.

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