Is pregnancy safe?

February 3, 2015
Is pregnancy safe?

Many married couples do not refuse intimate life during pregnancy women. However, despite the mutual desire, all the same, before having sex, you need to think about a few important issues, because now you are responsible for your unborn child. One of them is associated with contraception. Let's talk more about whether you need to be protected during pregnancy.

Contraception during pregnancy

Of course, to protect themselves in order to avoid re-pregnancy is not necessary. The woman is already pregnant, and while she is in this state, the second pregnancy cannot occur.

Condoms need to be protected in the event that one of the partners has any diseases of the reproductive system, as well as to maintain cleanliness (optional). If both woman and man are healthy, contraception can be abandoned. However, women still can not forget about the strict hygiene of the genital organs after sex during pregnancy.

We should also talk about contraception during different periods of pregnancy:

  • In the first trimester, protection is necessary for the most part for stricter maintenance of cleanliness, and also, of course, in case one of the partners is unwell.
  • During the normal course of pregnancy in the second trimester, the fetus is already well enough protected by the amniotic fluid and the membrane, so you can refuse contraception if both are healthy.
  • In the third trimester, contraception is also optional, but if you have been protected all the time, it is better to continue this tradition.

It should also be remembered that the decisive role for sex during pregnancy, in addition to health, is also played by the desire of the woman. If she does not want sex, then this is a clear indication that it is not necessary, so you should not have sex against desire. During pregnancy, posture with shallow penetration of the penis is recommended: it is necessary to exclude poses in which the woman is on top, as well as knee-elbow poses.

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