Which self-fertile varieties of cherries are suitable for growing in the Central regions of Russia

Crimson Cherry

This bush bush cherry, a distinctive feature of which is a very high winter hardiness. The average term of ripening of berries, in the conditions of the Moscow region and other regions of the Central region of the Russian Federation, gives quite good annual harvests. Crimson is partially self-fertile cherries and the presence of pollinating varieties planted nearby, can significantly increase the number of cherries on the bush. The fruits of Crimson have a pleasant and refreshing taste, as well as dense dark red flesh.

Crimson CherryCherry Assol

Very tasty cherries from the Assol samoplodnoy variety, according to experts-tasters, is 4.7 points. The fruits have a rounded shape and are painted in a dark red tone, the flesh is very juicy and tender. The term of fruit ripening is medium.However, the gonna can not boast of precociation, the plant begins to yield only on the 4-5th year after landing in the ground.

Cherry AssolCherry Brunette

The main advantage of the variety is that mature fruits do not fall off. This characteristic is of particular importance for busy summer residents. In addition, Brunette is resistant to coccomycosis (a common cherry ailment). The berries have an average size, their average weight is 3.7 g, but the small size is compensated by a pleasant sweet-sour taste.

Cherry BrunetteAmong other samoplodnyh varieties suitable for growing in the Central regions of the Russian Federation, it can be noted:

  • Youth;
  • The memory of Enikeeva;
  • Rusinka;
  • Sudarushka;
  • Tamaris;
  • Shpanku Bryansk.

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