Who is going to work if there is no experience at all?

Finding a job is not easy. And if there is no experience, the task becomes more complicated. But still, in this case there are some options.

Who to go to work?

Finding a job if there is no experience is very, very difficult. But still, in this case, do not despair, there is a way out.

Try to master the following positions and professions:

  • Courier. To many, such a position seems simple, but in fact it is not quite so. Yes, complex skills are not required, but still some responsibility will be required. First, you must know the city well. Secondly, you may be asked to deliver important documentation or even cash. Thirdly, the delivery of documents to some places may be carried out strictly according to time, which will require punctuality from you. And still need to be collected and be able to plan your day.
  • Shop assistant. For example, it will be quite easy for a girl to get a job in a clothing and cosmetics shop, even without experience. Of course, such a position is in any case connected with a certain responsibility (for example, you may be obliged to pay for the goods stolen on your shift)but does not require specific skills. You just need to know the goods and advise clients on the issues that arise in them. You will not have to deal with finances, which makes the task much easier. Payment will not be high, sometimes it depends on the volume of sales. But, anyway, you will gain invaluable experience and learn to communicate with people.
  • Sticker ads. Position not the most prestigious, and the payment leaves much to be desired, as well as working conditions. But the experience when taking on a job is not exactly required, because anybody can perform such duties.
  • Promoter. He is engaged in conducting advertising campaigns on the streets of the city, in stores or shopping centers. The minimum set of responsibilities: the distribution of leaflets and attract new customers. But it may also be necessary to consult on some emerging issues. Payment by the hour, which, on the one hand, is convenient. But you have to spend a lot of time on your feet and constantly smile.
  • Waiter. Everybody is at least indirectly familiar with this post. The work is not easy, requires skill, composure, good memory and the ability to communicate with people. And you will have to move a lot and sometimes listen to the claims of disgruntled customers, while maintaining composure and avoiding rudeness.But you can earn good money, especially in popular and prestigious institutions, because a certain part of the earnings is a tip.
  • Assistant. Although officially such a position does not exist, but many employees who are unable to cope with large volumes of work hire assistants. Responsibilities can be very different: the delivery of documents, photocopying, making tea or coffee, meeting customers, driving a car, buying something, booking tickets or numbers, and so on. Position is not the most prestigious, but the experience is invaluable. And you can also get a career opportunity if you show yourself with the best side.
  • An interviewer is a person conducting population surveys. People's opinions can be of interest to a variety of organizations, and a certain person must answer for their collection. Usually, experience and education are not required, although communication skills must be present. Questionnaires are most often provided, so you only need to work with them. Payment is low, so do not expect much. In addition, usually interviewers do not enter into a permanent staff and are hired only for a certain period.
  • Security guard. This option is more suitable for young people.On the one hand, the work is simple, but, on the other hand, one can get into an unpleasant or even dangerous situation. And still the employer can demand possession of minimum skills of struggle and presence of certain physical preparation (but if the young man served in army or recently demobilized, it not a problem).
  • Employee of a fast food institution. Responsibilities can be very diverse and numerous: working with a cash register, serving ready meals to the hall and even preparing a meal.
  • Taxi Manager must receive calls and place orders in a special program. On the one hand, it's easy, but on the other hand, routine work gets boring, and some customers may be rude or even inadequate.
  • Freelancer works for himself and can do almost anything, for example, writing texts for Internet sites (copywriting), photography, needlework, programming, working with graphic editors and so on.
  • Hostess is an employee who meets clients in such establishments as beauty salons, hotels, fitness clubs and so on. Some people confuse such a position with the administrator, but the latter performs much more responsibilities and bears certain responsibilities.Hostess is the face of the company, so all that is required of it is always to look attractive, be polite and affable.


Some useful tips for job seekers:

  1. First, you have to consider any options, not even the most suitable.
  2. Do not look for a job that matches your education. Firstly, not everyone works by profession. Secondly, if the specialty is prestigious, then in any case you will need experience (even if not in this area). Thirdly, acquired skills and knowledge can be useful in life, even if they do not correspond to the profession you have received.
  3. To find a job, you will have to constantly study vacancies to not miss a good option. To do this, either purchase a newspaper with ads, or visit the site regularly.
  4. Do not settle for an unofficial device, even if you are promised a decent wage. Firstly, your experience will not increase, secondly, the employer may neglect the law, and thirdly, you may simply be deceived.
  5. Prepare for what your expectations will not correspond to reality.For example, a person with no experience is unlikely to be offered a good position. Yes, and wages will be much lower than that of experienced highly qualified employees.
  6. Do not expect that you will quickly find a good job. Prepare for difficulties and be patient.
  7. A diploma of completed higher education or at least a certificate of completion of any courses will hang your chances. If you do not have education, then be prepared for difficulties and do everything to get it.
  8. Even if you have no work experience, a well-written resume, confidence, and the ability to profitably present yourself can help you get a decent position.

It remains only to wish you good luck in your job search. And remember: your success depends on you!

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