Why a man does not cry

The most obvious option - a man just does not want to cry. When viewing a melodrama together, one should not expect the same reaction from a loved one as from a female entity. Among men, as well as among women, there are weakly sensitive, thick-skinned people. And the fact that the average person causes tears, some may not wade.
The complex comes from childhood. The young man, who was told that only the weak and the girls cry, can firmly maintain the association: tears are a sign of weakness. Such a phenomenon hurts the male psyche. Strong inner experiences that are not able to pour out are gradually expanding internally, which is fraught with depression, irritability and other nervous disorders.
Pride. External symptoms are the same as in the children's complex. The man considers his weaknesses unworthy of male behavior. And it is not always right. Tears of a coward, of course, unpleasant and miserable sight.But the cry of a man who has lost his loved one can even be considered a necessity.
Because it is ugly. Some men can only cry alone. They are of the opinion that even sincere tears deprive them of their attractiveness in the eyes of women.
Do not know how. Well, they just do not understand such men of the mechanism of the formation of words and the reasons for which it is worth crying.
Optimism. Men optimists are philosophical about everything, considering tears to be a waste of time. Their life is driven by a motto: everything will pass.
Indifference. Men, who are indifferent to both other people's and their own experiences, are not always able not to cry, but to laugh. The distinguishing feature of a man of this kind is the question he frequently asks: what is there, or what is special about it?
Cry, but do not admit it. These men sometimes shed tears, just no one has ever seen it. Of course, there are people who prefer the vest of a comrade for effusions. But more often there are representatives of the male, crying only in their own presence.
There is no unequivocal answer to the question why men cry. Everyone here will remain with his opinion.Especially the representatives of the stronger sex. It is impossible to consider this statement absolutely accurate - as is known, there are exceptions from any rule.

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