Why do black fingers get off the ring?

Vasa Lokki
Vasa Lokki
March 22, 2013
Why do black fingers get off the ring?

It all depends on the type of metal from which the ring is made and the quality of this metal. It often happens that after long wearing rings the owner asks why his fingers blacken. Let's see.


The fingers themselves do not turn black, they are simply painted from the discharge that the metal produces. The most dirty from long wear metals are base metals, of which there are made rings. This is most often copper, lead and aluminum, those metals that are easily oxidized in air.

Oxidation is the process of metal interaction with oxygen, as a result of which the smallest metal particles are separated from it and are sent on an independent journey around the world. For us, it looks like the appearance of a black, smudging plaque on the ring. The oxidation process depends on temperature, the higher it is, the faster the oxidation occurs, which is why the finger under the ring turns black faster than the outer surface of the ring.It also happens because the outer side is no, no, and it is wiped on clothes and stuff, it's harder to get to the inner side.

Why are the fingers blackened by gold

If this concerns rings of base metals, then everything is clear, but then why are fingers blackened by gold? Gold is a noble metal and should not be subjected to oxidation, which means it should not get dirty. Here the principle remains the same. The ring of gold of the highest standard never, and under no circumstances will not blacken. If this happened, it means that there are a lot of impurities of other non-precious metals in the gold ring and it can no longer be considered precious.

This is most likely not gold, but fake for it. Be careful and do not let yourself be deceived. If you bought a gold ring of the highest standard in the store and your finger turned black after a while - do not buy more than other jewelery in this store. It will be very difficult to hand the ring back to you, jewelry cannot be returned or exchanged.

The same principle applies to silver rings. High-quality silver does not get dirty and the finger under it does not blacken. But the more other impurities in it, the more plaque appears.

From him, of course, you can get rid of. You just need to clean the gold or silver ring with a special mixture (sold in jewelry stores) or, at worst, use ordinary toothpaste. After this procedure, the ring will be as good as new. But after a while the raid will appear again. Rings from base metals will need to be cleaned every week for sure.

Therefore, so that you never have a question why the finger from the ring turns black - the way out is simple, buy and wear rings of high-quality precious metals, and your skin under the ring will always be clean.

Have a nice shopping!

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