Why change wives?

Psychologists say that men change women more often. Although the modern representatives of the weaker sex is also not a blunder. We offer the top 10 most common reasons why wives are cheating on their husbands.

As a rule, women are considered more monogamous creatures created for the family, children and home life. However, this is not always the case. Women change more virtuously than men, and therefore come across much less often. We offer you the most common reasons why wives cheat on their husbands according to modern psychologists.


Suppose that a woman is attractive and works in a solid company with an appropriate salary. One day she receives an invitation from the chef for dinner at a restaurant, followed by flowers and direct hints. To refuse is to lose your job. This is where the dilemma arises - to remain faithful to an unemployed wife or to start maintaining business relations with the boss, or more precisely sexual business relationships. Feelings are kind of not, but stable work and a high salary are guaranteed.

Money and expensive gifts

Well, what woman does not dream of a wonderful life? And if her betrothed walks around the house in workouts and on the eighth of March drags three well-worn tulips instead of an armful of roses? This is not what she dreamed of since childhood, but she loves him. And then there is a man who is ready to indulge her with gifts, trips abroad, expensive dinners in a restaurant. Such a woman, from the opportunity to live in a big way, will not refuse. So it will live on two fronts: one loves, and walks with another.


Imagine how a woman will behave if she finds out that you have changed her? Option two: expelled from home and divorced, or forgive and understand. If you have forgiven, it means that soon it will revenge, and you can be sure of it. And you hardly ever know about her infidelity, but friends will all be in the know.

Dissatisfaction in bed

Many women can simulate an orgasm, and some do it regularly. And what remains for them if the husband is a very good man, but no lover. Do not throw it because of this. In addition, it is always better to live with a reliable person than with a sex machine. So it turns out that they are looking for quality sex on the side. Ask yourself, do you know all your wife's sexual fantasies? If so, you can sleep well. Otherwise, you can think about it.

I'm tired of all

One of the reasons why wives are cheating - yes, because they got it all! We got constant nagging, reproaches, conflicts, quarrels, unpredictable nature, they just got tired of having sex only then and the way you want it. A woman wants someone to just hear and satisfy her, although she will continue to love, as before, for you.


Corporate ... alcohol ... a lot of alcohol ... nice employee ... taxi ... someone else's apartment ... sex. That's the whole logical chain. The woman, it seems, did not want and did not intend to, but chance did her job. Pay more attention to your wives and do not let yourself go to corporate parties.


Sometimes a woman wants new emotions, feelings, impressions, novels. And what to do if you already live forever together and understand each other at once? In such a situation, a woman wants a new emotional outburst that another man can give her.

Not walk up

It is most common for women to marry too early. They just want more sex partners to experience all the possible delights of sex. Fortunately, not all women are like that.


You have been busy working for days, and your wife has already studied by heart all the fitness clubs, pools and beauty salons of the city? Now she wants a real life and a real man who will give her attention to her. A woman needs to be entertained.


No man is immune from this feeling. And if it happened, then you can�t do without sex. Dear men, if you cheat on your wife, draw conclusions, first of all, about yourself. If you do not want to receive the honorary position of a cuckold, do everything possible from yourself:

  • try not to change yourself;
  • give gifts;
  • make compliments;
  • support your spouse;
  • give her your attention.

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