Why grow chest hair?

Body hair is normal. But what if they appear on those parts of the case on which they would not like to see them, for example, on their chests? First, find out the reasons for such a delicate problem, and then begin to act!

Is this normal?

Hair covers almost the whole body. And if they are thin, light and barely noticeable, then it is quite normal, you should not be shy. But if they suddenly began to darken, and their number increased, this is a reason to think, because it spoils the appearance and mood, especially for women.

Because of what on the chest can appear hair?

The reasons for the growth of hair on the chest in women can be as follows:

  • Hormonal disorders. Often, increased body hair is a consequence of an increase in the number of male androgen hormones, associated with a lack of female estrogen hormones. Such changes can occur in case of serious failures.
  • Gynecological diseases. Some of them can cause serious hormonal disorders.
  • Pregnancy.Often, hair almost all over the body thickens and darkens during pregnancy, which is associated with hormonal changes occurring at this stage in the female body.
  • Acceptance of certain drugs. If the tool affects the hormones, then it may well cause increased hair growth and darkening, as well as other related symptoms. Most often hormonal drugs, for example, oral contraceptives (especially non-modern), lead to such consequences.
  • Hereditary factor. Dark and thick hair can be a feature of your body due to heredity.
  • Common diseases, in particular, endocrine. Disorders of the endocrine system often cause hormonal disorders.

How to solve a problem?

What to do if hair grows on the chest? First of all, you need to find out the causes of such a problem and eliminate them, because increased hair growth in the décolleté region is often just a symptom, a consequence of some kind of irregularities. Therefore, first contact a specialist to diagnose and, if necessary, prescribe treatment.

The first thing is to visit a gynecologist and pass tests for hormones.Probably, the doctor will prescribe a hormonal drug for the elimination of disruptions or treatment of gynecological diseases. If the reproductive system is OK, visit an endocrinologist.

In the meantime, the problem is not solved, you can try to get rid of hair by different methods. They are discussed below.

Salon procedures

You can remove hair at a beauty salon or cosmetology clinic. At the moment, a number of procedures are offered:

  1. Shugaring - removal of unwanted hair plastic and sticky sugar paste. During the procedure possible pain.
  2. Wax hair removal - use to get rid of the hair slightly melted to a soft state of wax. Discomfort will also appear.
  3. Electroepilation Directly into the hair follicles are introduced very thin needles, through which the current is amenable. And under the influence of these weak impulses the bulbs are destroyed, and the hairs cease to grow. During the procedure, discomfort may occur, in total, about 6-10 sessions are required.
  4. Laser hair removal involves the destruction of the hair follicles under the influence of the laser. But this method is not suitable for owners of too light hair and suggests several visits to the beautician.
  5. Photoepilation is suitable for almost everyone and is very effective.But this method also implies several sessions.
  6. Elos epilation is a relatively new procedure involving a combination of photo-epilation and electrical.

Self deletion

How to get rid of unwanted hair on your own? This can be done in several ways:

  • Tweezers. If the hair is short, tweezers can be used. Gently grab each hair with them and pull it out with a sharp movement. If you are afraid of pain, then pre-apply a local anesthetic with anesthetic effect.
  • Razor. This method is undesirable! First, it is extremely inefficient, because after shaving the hairs begin to grow in just a few days, and you have to get rid of them again and again. Secondly, shaving can irritate the skin and worsen its condition. And, thirdly, you only aggravate the situation, because after using a razor, your hair becomes more rigid and dark.
  • Depilatory cream. After applying such a tool, the hairs begin to gradually break down, so that they are quickly and easily removed using a special spatula (it should be attached to the cream).But it is worth remembering that the skin in the chest and décolleté is rather tender, so some components may cause irritation.
  • Sugar paste. Shugaring procedures, if desired, can be carried out independently. Pasta is best to buy, but you can also cook it at home. The finished composition is applied with a dense layer, which is then immediately removed together with the hairs. And you can form a paste from a paste of medium size and, as it were, roll it over the body, grabbing the hair.
  • Wax. If you buy a special cosmetic wax, as well as a device for its melting (it is called waxing), then waxing will be available in the home. But it is much more convenient to use ready-made wax strips, which you can buy in specialized shops or departments of cosmetics.

Homemade recipes

There are also some folk remedies for removing unwanted chest hair:

  1. Green walnuts. Cut the young unripe nut in half, slightly squeeze it and treat the problem areas with the juice. Repeat this procedure daily.
  2. Pour a glass of boiling water on the shell of five walnuts,hold on a water bath or low heat for fifteen minutes, then leave for an hour, strain, and use to wipe areas with increased hair growth.
  3. You can wipe the skin with the juice of ripe grapes, and you need to wring out not only the fruits themselves, but also the bones.
  4. Mix three tablespoons of medical alcohol, one teaspoonful of castor oil and ammonia, and add 5-7 drops of iodine. Use the mixture to wipe the neckline twice a day.
  5. 150 grams of Datura herb pour a liter of boiling water and cook for about twenty minutes. Strained broth, wipe the skin daily.
  6. Use for processing hydrogen peroxide, diluting it with water in equal proportions.

Now you know why hair may appear on your chest, and you can solve this delicate problem.

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