Why do men leave in English without saying goodbye?

But in other cases, sudden departures are always bad. And if you look at the main reasons for the flight of men, it becomes clear that these shots are not the best representatives of the strong half of humanity.

The first reason: a man - a coward

Such a figure is afraid of everything: clarifying the relationship and scandals, responsibility and your expectations, if you inadvertently dream out loud about a joint future. It is easier for him to merge quietly, when the situation in a relationship reaches emotional intensity or he realizes that everything has become too serious.

Reason Two: Man is a Manipulator

This is the nastiest subspecies of "disappearing into nowhere" men. These comrades have a goal - not to leave completely, but to torture their fish on a hook. And when she “comes to its senses” or “realizes”, come back and bring happiness to the victim with her presence. The scheme is simple - as long as possible to keep a woman in a state of uncertainty: turn off the phone or do not answer calls and SMS.But at the same time give some hope that the relationship is not finished and still can be, if ...

Reason Three: A Mannered Man

Such men always have their own ego and convenience in the first place. They do not care about the feelings of others, they just do not want to bother themselves with explanations of the reasons for the gap. Because most often this is difficult to explain: for example, the relationship simply exhausted itself or another attractive cat appeared on the horizon.

Why do men leave in English without saying goodbye?

My friend recently had a divorce with such a mysterious man. And at the very beginning of the relationship, she learned the unpleasant story of his break with the previous passion, but this did not stop her. He just walked away from the former without saying goodbye, and when she did get him out and asked his forehead about the reasons for his action, he answered: "Without explaining the reasons."

But Svetka was in love and did not pay attention to this strange behavior of her lover, she felt that it was impossible to do this to her. And that turned out to be not just an ill-mannered dork, but also a manipulator. For a year of family life, he went off the phone three times and turned off the phone in order to bring her up, and when she fell into a paranoid state, he returned and made her the happiest in the world with the air of a messiah.

It all ended up banal: Sveta realized that she could no longer live like this and did not wait for his final departure in English. As a result, the girlfriend merged herself, calling him when he was at work. She decided that, unlike him, she should act like a human being and at least indicate to him that he is now a free eagle. I collected things, went to my mother and filed for divorce.

Now trying to start a new life. But the former torturer became nervous and came many times trying to talk, but she no longer intends to explain anything.

In general, if this has happened to you, do not try to search for a lover of English care and demand explanations. And you should not appeal to conscience, it is not there - your feelings do not bother him.

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