Why do Russian women marry foreigners? We ask psychologists

I myself watched their love story with genuine interest, because my friend always got in the way of the wrong ones. Frankly, I got used to her experiences, eyes swollen from tears, trembling hands holding a cigarette, stories about how this one didn’t call, he deceived, the third one was married, and they met at the hotel not at all because in his bachelor apartment it is being renovated, but because he has a wife and a child at home. And Lenka beat her head against the wall. She cried and asked me: “Julia, what is this for me? How could I get so stuck? ”And at night Lenka wrote poetry. Very deep. With anguish. Heavy, filled with pain. In general, my girlfriend was associated with suffering for a long time. And I quietly hated all the men who surrounded her.

And amazing! Today, from that girl with always tear-stained eyes and anorexic skinniness, there is notrace. This is a calm, positive, cheerful, beautiful woman. Which without exaggeration is bathed in love. “Beloved, dear, Helen” ... He is not shy about expressing his feelings for her in public, calls her beloved in the presence of friends. I noticed that Russian men who were at the festival, even my husband, were embarrassed by this. Well, we have not done so. Our men are more closed, or something ... And this Frenchman ... it seems that he gets pleasure from everything in the world, relishes every moment of life ... Relishes her. And “love love so much” is exactly about him ... And how can this be? Well, there was not a single serious Russian peasant. And here is a beautiful, romantic, gentle foreigner ... And I do not think that this is an isolated case, they say, the girl was just lucky. But after all, my other girlfriends who marry the Europeans: one for the Italians, the other for the Englishman, are the same fable! There were so many disappointments and tears, and here once - and life completely changed. And for several years of living together with the elect, they are noticeably prettier. Note that this is rare. Mostly Russian women after marriage grow stout and put a cross on themselves ... Well, aren't they?

Why do Russian women marry foreigners? We ask psychologists

It seems to me that one thing distinguishes foreigners from our men - a reverent attitude towards a woman. I see this on the example of my friends. And I remember the words of my grandmother: "The main thing is to marry well." It seems that only now I understood their meaning. From the fact that a man next to a woman, depends if not all, then very much. You can shower me with wet slippers, but with all their advantages, Russian men are utterly spoiled. And this is not surprising. With such an abundance of beautiful women ... Europeans like no one else appreciate women's beauty, and it seems to me that they are even kinder by character, because the standard of living in Europe is higher. They don’t have to carry everyone on themselves, work up a sweat and live from paycheck to paycheck. Hence a very different lifestyle ...

Why are more and more girls finding happiness in the embrace of foreigners? I think this is a new trend. Yes. Caused, including the financial and economic crisis. Revenues are falling, prices are rising. And there, in Europe, life is sweeter. At first sight. And maybe the second one, too. At least my French friends laugh at how Russian federal TV channels scare us with horror stories about the domination of migrants in France, aboutas local residents are afraid to go out into the street, etc. Information war, in a word. In general, I look at my girlfriends and enjoy their family happiness. And it seems to me that justice is still there! But for me, for example, I wouldn’t have the heart to take and go to another country for permanent residence. In two weeks I would have yelled. Checked. Me and here with Russian vanya not bad.

Your questions:

Anna, 31 years old, Milan

I am married to an Italian, I have been living in Italy for two years now. The problem is that I can't find a good job. I have a higher education that I received in Russia. But here it is not quoted. The best thing I can count on here is to work as a housekeeper, waitress, or nanny. For me it is humiliating. The husband says that he alone is hard on us, that I have to work. And from the thought that I'll work as a waitress, I'm depressed. As a result, my husband and I quarrel and my self-esteem is at zero.

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