Why do you need expertise of goods?

An independent merchandising expertise of various industrial products seems completely unnecessary to an uninitiated person, but those who have had to deal with the problem of low-quality goods do not need to be explained.

Unfortunately, nowadays shops often sell substandard goods and, at the same time, their employees reluctantly agree to replace or refund money for low-quality goods: the consumer still has to prove that the defect of the goods arose not through his fault. And only an independent examination of clothing will help to establish who, in fact, is the culprit of the identified defect. The experts determine the consumer properties of the product provided and determine whether they meet the established standards currently in force in the country. To do this, the clothes are checked for the quality of the fabric and the sewing of the product, the reliability of the stitches and seams, the accuracy of execution, the fit of the product on the figure.In the conclusion issued on the basis of all the conducted research, it will be stated what became the true cause of the defect: improper operation or production defect.

If an examination of the shoe is made, then the pair is checked, not just one item. Determined the strength of seams, the quality of the skin, fastening nails and heels, fastening to the sole of the top of the workpiece. Every consumer should also know that an independent examination of any product is carried out at the expense of the manufacturer or seller. In the case when the consumer orders the examination, then he pays for it. If it turns out that the producers or the seller are guilty of defects, they must compensate the buyer. But if during the examination it turns out that the buyer is to blame for the defect, he will have to compensate the seller or the manufacturer for the losses incurred, as well as pay the costs associated with the storage and delivery of the goods for examination. In other words, all costs are borne by the one who is to blame for the appearance of defects.

In addition, during the examination, goods can be valued, allowing them to determine their value.Fur and leather products are most often evaluated when the consumer doubts not only their quality, but is also convinced that it is a fake, the cost of which is greatly overestimated. The expertise will help confirm or deny the compliance of the fur with the one specified in the documents issued by the seller when purchasing the goods.

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