Why dream playing a violin in a dream

Dreams, in which you have seen the violin, do not always symbolize harmony, happiness and tranquility. Often, such dreams can foreshadow reprimand, loss, separation, or even death.

Dream Aesop

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a violin in a dream
A violin in a dream - what is the dream

Play the violin in a dream - you have to speak in front of a huge crowd of people, or you will be the leader of a movement. If in a dream you listened to others playing an instrument, then your sympathy will be deserved by a self-sufficient person who looks at life with optimism and knows his goals. If in night dreams you enjoy violin music, but do not understand where it comes from, it means that you will do something unusual for you. Neither you nor those around you can understand what prompted you to do this. If you see that the strings have broken on the instrument, be prepared that you will be in trouble. Your boss will be biased towards you and will not appreciate your work.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of a violin - to a happy family life.In your marriage respect, love, harmony and understanding will reign.

Summer dream

Such a dream means that in the near future you will receive the bitter news of the demise of one of your acquaintances or relatives.

Esoteric dream book

If you play this instrument in night dreams, tears are waiting for you. You may receive sad news about your relatives. If in real life you are a professional violinist, then such a dream signals that you need to pay attention to your own health.

Autumn dream

Violin in a dream - you will have to listen to reproaches and reproaches from your boss.

Freund's Dream

If in a dream you were listening to another person extracting music from this instrument, be prepared that they confess hot and sincere love to you. If you are far from music and do not even know how to hold a violin in your hands, but in a dream everything worked out for you, think about yourself and your ideas about happiness. What is happiness to others may be unhappiness for you. Do not look at others, build your life.

Female dream book

If in a dream you enjoyed the delicate sounds of a violin, peace, understanding and harmony reign in your family. The financial situation will also improve.If such a dream has been heard by a young girl or woman, she is ensured by the admiration of numerous boyfriends. If the violin was damaged, be ready to be separated from people close to you or bereavement.

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