Why is gold not always yellow?

The demand for a rare noble metal, which is mined in the bowels of the earth, invariably increases. Even in economically unstable times, gold bars are reliable investments. In addition, the popularity of precious metals due to fashion trends. Designers introduce such alloys in the production of interior items and wardrobe items using various shades of Au (Aurum).

To change the color and density of the precious metal, the following methods are used: rhodium and patination, oxidation and oxidation

In order to identify various options for the tonality of noble alloys and find out why gold is not always yellow, consider the types of impurities present in the structure of metals.

Varieties of gold by color and structural composition

The natural structure of the metal is not suitable for creating jewelry and making expensive souvenirs, therefore a ligature is added to the structure of the element of the periodic table.In the XXI century, jewelers recreate the following shades of precious metal:

  • Yellow gold is considered the traditional color of the noble alloy, so jewelry of similar shades is always popular on the international market. Such a tone is achieved with the help of impurities of silver and copper, which has a brown color. Wedding rings, investment bars and decorations for religious purposes are made exclusively from gold of yellow shades.
  • White-colored noble metal jewelers achieve by including in an alloy of silver or palladium, platinum or nickel platinum compounds. From the amount of impurities in the composition is determined by the cost of jewelry. The result of adding ligatures to metal are silvery shades. White gold is used in the manufacture of precious jewelry with inserts of diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires. This shade is considered universal, because it harmoniously combines with any type of appearance and skin color.
  • Red and dark orange noble metals are obtained by adding to the structural composition of gold nickel, copper and zinc.Decorative jewelry is made of such an alloy - exquisite bracelets, aesthetic brooches and other extravagant wearable accessories.
Why is gold not always yellow?

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  • Green gold is the result of the presence of silver in the alloy. Depending on the amount of ligature impurities, the following shades of noble metal are obtained - from saturated green to matt white. If in the alloy there are 1/3 of silver and 2/3 of gold, then the resulting concentration is classified as an “independent” mineral formation - electrum.
  • The brown color of the alloy is achieved by adding a large amount of copper and silver to the structural composition. Durable gold is used in the assembly of watch mechanisms, used in the manufacture of interior items and large-sized souvenirs. To give the alloy a brown tint, jewelers maintain the metal in chemical solutions. In the manufacture of jewelry such an alloy is not popular.
  • Black gold can be obtained by covering the surface of an expensive product with a layer of amorphous carbon or ruthenium.
  • Blue, blue and violet gold jewelers are obtained by adding metal to the admixtures of cobalt and iron.
  • Gray color have noble ornaments, which include an impressive amount of steel.
  • Amethyst gold is used exclusively in construction, because from it they make interior objects, using alloy also in decoration of premises. The unusual tonality of the noble metal is achieved by adding aluminum and potassium.

Some jewelers paint gold by vapor deposition or change the coloring of a noble metal, immersing the alloy in a special solution

The saturation of shades is determined by the amount of ligature present in the composition of gold.

What is the cost of gold in various colors?

The price of gold depends on the structural composition of the noble metal. In the 21st century, mainly two types of ligature impurities are added to the alloys:

  • Group I - nickel and aluminum, copper and steel, cobalt and iron, potassium.
  • Group II - palladium, platinum, silver.

Jewelry in which nickel is present, are cheap, so the most popular on the international market.Visually the products are similar to platinum, but the production of such alloys spends less money. Such accessories are marked 585, because they contain zinc, copper, nickel and 58.5% pure gold.

Why is gold not always yellow?

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For the manufacture of expensive jewelry products using palladium and platinum. The noble metals containing such impurities in the composition have 750 samples, and accordingly in the structure of products there are 75% of gold. Depending on the quality and quantity of content in jewelry ligature, the value of the jewelry is determined.

Changing the shade of gold, jewelers increase the hardness of the natural alloy, making it suitable for making jewelry products. Harmoniously combining ligature impurities in the composition of the noble metal, you can get a precious decoration of any color.

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