Why are wandless women no longer in fashion?

With the advent of magazines and gossip sites, such wives came to the surface - former students, models that supposedly conquered Paris and Milan, and simply glamorous housewives of a new type. Attractive appearance of such girls was the main capital, and the men acquired it as a trophy - to go beyond the limits of their own mansion in the Moscow region with a proud smile and a pretty little companion. But the crisis that suddenly surfaced put an official end to the era of ostentatious glamor, which we obviously dragged out, and all the current it-girls from gossip, they are wives with rich husbands, quickly engaged in business - charity, design, fashion journalism and anything, so as not to wear more of the old nameplate "model."

Why did the fashion on beautiful fairy loafers become a thing of the past, and is it possible now to seduce a “sponsor” for yourself, just by clapping your eyelashes and puffing up your lips?

Women are interesting and busy today in price.

Feminism did it all the same, having pushed into the mass culture the image of a woman-personality, mature and independent, carried away by her work and adult sexual. “Chickens” and “chicks”, of course, have not completely disappeared from the face of the Earth, and some even collect millions of subscribers in social networks with philosophical posts about being, accompanied by photos of pumped lips. You sign up for this, and in a month she will be bored with the same posture with a photo-made narrow waist and staged photos with girlfriends-dogs-children.


Now imagine her husband. At work, he is surrounded by women who fly to the economic forum on Friday, run a marathon on Saturday, jump with a parachute on Sunday, and tell him on Monday that the weekend was “as usual”. And at home, in a half-smile, a creature that boasts that it collects push up bras and does war paint as an Indian, which it calls contouring, is waiting

Yes, I want to love such a wife in my heart for the fact that on Monday evening she will not bother you with her predictions of the results of elections in the United States, but will simply silently run away to increase her hair, leaving you with heated cheesecakes in a frying pan.But the rest of the time with her toothache is boring, that I even want to linger at work in order to chat with smart women.

Crisis is senseless and ruthless

The idle wife to maintain now has become too expensive. Oil prices have gone down, currencies have risen in price, and along with them prices for the “consumer basket” of a standard idler wife have also skyrocketed: starting from outfits from overseas designers and imported blueberries with goji berries for breakfast and ending with iPhones, to which glamorous lionesses take off their luxurious life . In the middle class, which in our country is used to work, it is used as a real working class, and the new economic realities have been particularly hard hit by rest, following the example of the elite.

From this, the investment in the scenery wife, who for days only does that care for herself and a little bit for her husband, turned into indecent waste, something like a convertible car or Gucci slippers for walking on our streets

Yes, it looks attractive, once you can post to Instagram, but the monthly payments of half the salary, as a loan, does not deserve.

Why are wandless women no longer in fashion?

One night is now easier than before

Quoting a textbook on economics, we for sure declare that supply and demand influence each other, and supply in the market for new high-quality goods always stimulates demand for them. Simply put, moving from economics to love, dating apps with their unlimited offer shook the “market” of relationships. If earlier people were set up to take a break after a break, to be alone and to comprehend everything, now you can jump into a new novel right a minute after the completion of the old one: download the application and look for it. At what here is the sacred word "marriage" and those same wife-bezdelnitsy? And despite the fact that if the latter were previously found to always have someone comfortable and beautiful at their side, preferably without nerves, dramas and tantrums, now the same can be done using the phone application, but only with a discount on that it will most likely be a short, passionate mini-romance, and not promises of fur coats and diamonds in exchange for sex on the eighth date.

Why are wandless women no longer in fashion?

In itself, the culture of sex has changed, and some people logically stopped wanting to marry and marry (yes, the samewhich always deciphered the word “marriage” as “regular sex”) just like that, “because everyone does that”, and began to look for a partner or partner with whom marriage will be more than sex, and a creative joint project, for example. It was then that idleouts and lost part of their "clientele", and the men again turned into trophy hunters, only now for the real precious stones, and not for plastic imitation.

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