Why houseplants do not grow in your home?

Houseplants not only decorate the room, but also purify the air, and also create a special atmosphere. But what if they simply do not grow at home? And why is this happening?

Possible reasons

Why do indoor flowers not grow in the house? There can be several reasons:

  1. Unsuitable soil. In nature, there are many types of diverse soils. And in some grow some species of plants, and in others - completely different. So if the soil is picked up incorrectly, or it lacks some substances necessary for the growth and development of the plant, then its condition may worsen.
  2. Incorrect feeding. Few people know that a plant can get sick or die not only from a lack of nutrients, but also from their overabundance. So if you feed a flower too often or not with the fertilizers that are necessary and suitable, then its condition may deteriorate markedly.
  3. Unsuitable pot.If the pot is too cramped, the roots may not be enough. But if the “home” of a plant is too spacious, this can also have a negative impact on its condition. The water will spread over the pot and evaporate, and the roots will not be able to extract it from the soil.
  4. Incorrect transplant. There may be several violations during transplantation: too tight or, conversely, a spacious pot, implementation of a transplant at an inappropriate time of year, damage to the roots when moving.
  5. Bad ecology. Plants clean the air and can independently produce oxygen. But if the air is heavily polluted, the "cleaning mechanism" may fail, and the plant will not be able to grow normally. So if the flowers in the apartment are on the window through which exhaust gases and other harmful substances periodically enter the room, then do not be surprised that they die or often get sick.
  6. Unsuitable conditions of detention. Some plants require frequent watering, others, on the contrary, do not tolerate high humidity. Some flowers feel fine with high humidity, while others, on the contrary, prefer dry air. There are also representatives of the flora who need constant and sufficient lighting. But at the same time, there are those who prefer the shadow.And the value is not only the quality of lighting, but also the amount of light. And because of the wrong conditions of the content, the plant can not only grow slowly, but also die.
  7. Pests. They can move from one plant to another and infect leaves or roots literally in a matter of days.
  8. No rest period. Many representatives of the flora need so-called rest. During this period, minimal watering, limited lighting, and lowering of air temperature are required. Indeed, in nature, many plants practically experience “hibernation” in the cold season, so that at home they also need something similar.
  9. Some people think that plants subtly feel the energetic atmosphere and therefore get sick and die in houses where quarrels and omissions often occur. Also, flowers can die and pessimistic owners. And some believe that various negatively-minded entities can influence the state of flora representatives, for example, brownies, perfumes and so on.
  10. Buying plants from unscrupulous sellers. In the store, flowers can “stuff” with various chemical fertilizers or hormones.And getting used to this diet, in your home a plant can literally wither without them.

What to do?

Useful tips:

  1. Examine the plants in your home. Pay special attention to the frequency of irrigation, optimal lighting, suitable soil, air humidity, fertilizing and other important points. Compare suitable and optimal conditions with those provided by you.
  2. Try to find out the causes of death or slow growth of plants. Try moving them to another location. If there the flower began to feel better, then, most likely, the whole thing in unsuitable or in adverse conditions of detention or in a bad environment. You can also measure the humidity of the air and the content in it of harmful substances.
  3. If you plan to transplant plants, then first find out all of its features: the optimal time of year, the size of the shoots, the size of the pot. And remember that each plant individually. In addition, it is important to do everything very carefully, so as not to damage the root system.
  4. Carefully inspect the flower. If it has stains, scurf, or visible damage, then most likely the cause of the deterioration is pests.But do not think that you will be able to detect beetles or other insects, because they can be small and almost invisible. So, having noticed the disturbing symptoms, treat the plant using a special insecticidal tool.
  5. If you doubt your abilities and capabilities, then try to get only adult flowers that do not require constant fertilizing, frequent transplants and reverent attitude.
  6. Rate your abilities, as well as conditions of stay. For example, if the house is pretty cool and humid, then choose plants that can adapt to such conditions.
  7. Buy the most unpretentious and not requiring special care plants. These include cacti, bollard (the so-called money tree), chlorophytum, zamiokulkas, kalanchoe, aloe, spurge, sansevieriya, ivy, geranium, ficus, euharis, balsam, decembrist, violet and others.
  8. If you do not like plants, then just do not purchase them and do not try to grow. As strange as it sounds, flowers need care, love and caress. During the experiments it was proved that the plants with which they spoke grew faster and were healthier.So praise your flowers, communicate with him. And let the household look at you askance, they will probably soon be surprised when they see the results of your efforts.
  9. Plants that you initially do not like (for example, donated by someone) are better to give to more caring hands.
  10. Acquire plants only in proven stores with an impeccable reputation.
  11. This advice may seem strange, but don’t go well with flowers if you are in a bad mood.

Let the data in the article recommendations will help turn the apartment into a real blooming garden. And let the flowers in your home feel comfortable.

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